Stony Mountain Institution

Stony Mountain Institution


Highway #7
PO Box 4500
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 3W8

Tel: (204) 344-5111
Fax: (204) 344-7100


Highway #7
PO Box 72
Stony Mountain, Manitoba
R0C 3A0

Tel: (204) 344-5111
Fax: (204) 344-7107

Stony Mountain Institution is located in the Rural Municipality of Rockwood immediately adjacent to the community of Stony Mountain, Manitoba, approximately 24 kilometres north of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is prominently situated on a limestone outcrop 30 metres above the surrounding prairie landscape.

Stony Mountain Institution was commissioned in 1873 and commenced operations in January 1877. Of the five federal prisons constructed in Canada in the 19th century, Stony Mountain remains one of only two still operating. A new administration building was constructed between 1931 and 1947 and was designated a Federal Heritage Building (FHBRO) in 2002.

In 1962, Rockwood Institution, a minimum-security facility, was established immediately adjacent to Stony Mountain Institution.

Stony Mountain is a clustered institution, with a residential-style minimum facility, consisting of small group accommodation houses; a dome-style medium facility with direct observation cell ranges, and the range-style maximum facility with direct observation cell ranges.

Maximum security site rated capacity: 96

Medium security site rated capacity: 484

Minimum security site rated capacity: 217

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