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OTTAWA, October 28, 2020 – Today, Anne Kelly, the Commissioner of the Correctional Service of Canada (CSC), issued the following statement:

“First, I would like to highlight that the implementation of Structured Intervention Units (SIUs) is part of a historic transformation of the federal correctional system that saw the abolition of administrative segregation. We are strongly committed to the successful implementation of this new model and take it very seriously.

We have received Dr. Anthony Doob and Dr. Jane Sprott’s report on preliminary findings related to SIUs and are currently reviewing it closely. Their report includes preliminary data on components of SIU operations, and will form part of a larger evaluation that CSC is undertaking on the first year of SIUs.

Since their implementation on November 30, 2019, SIUs have been closely monitored by independent bodies that were set up as transparency and accountability measures. In addition to the Implementation Advisory Panel, which Dr. Doob chaired, Independent External Decisions Makers (IEDMs) were put in place across the country to provide oversight related to an inmate’s conditions and duration of confinement in an SIU. This oversight has been happening, in real-time, since day one. IEDMs review inmate cases on an ongoing basis and provide recommendations and decisions related to conditions and duration of confinement, and their decisions are binding.

I want to be clear that we take our legislative obligations very seriously. Before we draw conclusions, more work is needed, including a comprehensive evaluation of SIUs that takes into account work being done by IEDMs across the country. SIUs were also launched only three and a half months before the unprecedented global pandemic, which continues to have significant operational impacts for CSC. To protect inmates, our employees, and the public, we implemented extensive infection prevention and control measures. We are working to assess any impacts the current pandemic is having on our operations, including SIUs.

As with any new model, there have been some data integrity issues that we have been working to stabilize. A project team is currently in place and is focusing on three interlinked themes: fostering an operational culture of data stewardship, through engagement with frontline staff; optimizing outcomes by reviewing SIU operational requirements and aligning technology solutions; and, strengthening CSC resources to support performance and compliance reporting.

As we continue our work to implement the SIUs, this is an important time for self-reflection, learning, and continuous improvement. We appreciate the input of external stakeholders as we work to support the rehabilitation and safe reintegration of offenders into our communities.”



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