Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award

All Correctional Service Canada (CSC) employees including individuals on contract or summer employment programs, are eligible for the Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award. This award may also be given to members of the public (e.g., volunteer organizations) in recognition of their contribution to CSC in the area of multiculturalism.

Candidates for the Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award are accepted by nomination only, which must be approved by a regional deputy commissioner or a sector’s assistant commissioner. This award is intended to:

  • encourage all persons working or dealing with CSC, and
  • recognize their efforts to improve cross-cultural understanding and race relations within CSC.

It recognizes those who have shown commitment and determination in helping to build an integrated society for all in Canada and especially within CSC.

Jude Clyke, 2022 award recipient

Diderot Roc, 2023 award recipient

History of the award

The award honours the work that Dr. Emerson Douyon (1929 to 2016) accomplished during his life being involved in causes associated with criminal psychology, human rights, racial profiling and discrimination. He did his work in various capacities, as a Professor in Psychology with the Criminology Department at Montreal University and as a member of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Dr. Douyon was also associated with multiple investigations on relations between Police Officers and Ethnocultural Minorities (1988).

As a volunteer for 17 years with CSC, he advised CSC and helped enhance programs for culturally diverse offender populations. He was a founding member and first chair of the National and Regional Ethnocultural Advisory Committees (NEAC and REAC).

Dr. Douyon became the first recipient of the Multiculturalism Award in 2010 and in 2012, the award was renamed the Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award. He retired in 2011, but volunteered to research and write about the history of ethnocultural services in the correctional system. His book, Ethnocultural Minorities and the Canadian Correctional System, was published in 2017. Dr. Douyon passed away in 2016.

Nominating a candidate

To nominate a candidate for the Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award, the sponsor must:

1.   fill out the nomination form;

2.   print and sign it; and

3.   submit the nomination package to:

o   a regional office for approval by the regional deputy commissioner.

o   a national office for approval by the assistant commissioner.

Nominations may be submitted in French or English by a sponsor with direct knowledge of the candidate's contribution. A sponsor can be any:

Previous recipients of the Emerson Douyon Multiculturalism Award

Nomination package

The nomination package must include these documents:

Information and examples submitted with the nomination form must be verifiable. Applications and support material will not be returned.

Deadline for nominations

All nomination packages for the award must be received by June 28th, 2024, 23:59 (EST). Late entries will not be considered.


The deputy commissioner of each region and the assistant commissioner of each sector, presenting a nomination, is responsible to support and approve the submission of each nominee.

Evaluation of nominations

Nominations will be reviewed and evaluated against on these criteria:

  1. The candidate promotes initiatives that support objectives of CSC in regard to multiculturalism.
  2. The candidate demonstrates support to the reintegration of ethnocultural offenders.
  3. The candidate facilitates initiatives such as mentorship, volunteerism, leadership, and civic education, among ethnocultural offenders.
  4. The candidate promotes inter-cultural understanding and Canadian values (democracy, freedom, human rights and rule of law) within CSC, through institutional or community initiatives, with the objectives of addressing issues of cultural social exclusion and radicalization.
  5. The candidate demonstrates that they have had a positive impact on the workplace and/or within their community.

Announcement of recipient

The award recipient will be announced in This Week @ CSC in Fall 2024 and featured in an article posted on CSC’s website.

For more information about the award and the nomination process, please contact Ethnocultural and Social Development Services (ESDS) at:

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