Citizen Advisory Committee Appreciation Day

This year, we celebrate the Citizen Advisory Committee (CAC) Appreciation Day on April 17. The CAC continues to play a valuable role in representing and building the community supports that are instrumental in CSC’s mandate and public safety.

CAC members interact with offenders, staff, managers, as well as the public. They are a two-way communication link between CSC and the community, and other stakeholders in the criminal justice system. They share concerns, help address misconceptions, and encourage community involvement. We recognize and thank all of the committee members for their continued commitment and dedication. Their role is very important to the mandate of the Correctional Service of Canada.

Congratulation to Peggy Joiner from the Atlantic Region who is the 2023 recipient of the James A. Murphy (CAC) Award.

Congratulations to all of the nominees from the other regions who demonstrated exemplary commitment, drive and leadership in advancing the CAC mandate. This award was named by CACs in honour of a long-time CSC employee, Jim Murphy.

CACs are important to building trust and demonstrating accountability to the communities and public we serve. The (CAC) Strategic Plan for 2020-2025 highlights some of the important work being done collaboratively. As well, the CAC’s Annual Reports highlight the most recent information on some of the work done over the past years. CSC’s work and the correctional process is made stronger by citizen involvement.

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