Forms for visiting an inmate

Here you will find a collection of forms needed to visit an inmate in an institution. Please read all instructions carefully. Make sure you have filled out all appropriate forms, and gathered all required information, before submitting your visitor application.

Instructions for submitting forms

Potential visitors must complete the entire form and ensure all required documentation (if applicable) is enclosed. Failure to do so will result in your form being returned or delayed in processing. The visitor may also call the institution for help with any forms related to visits. If the visitor does not have internet access, CSC can mail the form to the visitor, or the visitor can pick up a form in person at a CSC institution.

  1. Select the form you wish to complete.
  2. Print the form.
  3. Complete the form by hand.
  4. Sign the form.
  5. Send the completed form by mail to the institution. Address it to:
    • C/O: Visitors and Correspondence, then put the institution's address (you can find addresses for all of our institutions on our institutions' address list).

All applications must be submitted by mail, addressed to the Visits and Correspondence unit of the institution you wish to visit. No fax or scanned copies will be accepted.


Form 1279 Institutional Access CPIC Clearance Request

All potential visitors must complete a CPIC Clearance request form and send it in with their Visiting Application and Information Form. If you refuse to submit a CPIC application, or forget to send it with the Visiting Application, then your application will not be accepted.

All potential visitors are assessed on their own individual merit and will be reviewed by the Visit Review Board. The truthfulness of the visitor will be assessed and should there be a criminal record a review will be completed on the impact this conviction could have on the safety and security of the institution.

Form 0653 Visiting Application and Information Form

Please read this carefully as failure to complete this form properly could result in a delay of the approval process.

When filling out Form 0653 Visiting Application and Information, answer all questions and sign in the applicable spaces. You are required to submit:

Form 0653-01 Child Safety Waiver

If you are bringing a child with you then you must also fill out this form and submit it with the Visiting Application and Information Form. You are not required to submit government-issued ID for children.

Consent for Private Family Visits (PFVs)

Once complete, the form must be witnessed, signed and mailed or hand-delivered to the institution where the PFV will take place. It must be accompanied by pictures of everyone who will be participating in the PFV.

Form 0530 Declaration of a Common-Law Union

This form may need to be filled out by the partner of an inmate for a Private Family Visit.

Notes about forms:

Important information

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Downloading and opening fillable PDF files

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For more information read Adobe’s Solutions to common issues viewing PDFs from a website

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