List of Acts and Regulations

Please note: All the links on this page will take you to Justice Canada's Website. As well, some of the following Acts are not part of the Consolidated Acts, in which case, a link is provided to the Table of Public Statutes and Responsible Ministers.

Air Canada Public Participation Act 1

An Act respecting payments to a trust established to provide provinces and territories with funding for community development

An Act respecting the provision of funding for diagnostic and medical equipment

Bank Act

Bank for International Settlements (Immunity) Act

Bank of British Columbia Business Continuation Act

Bank of Canada Act

Beechwood Power Project Act

Bills of Exchange Act

Borrowing Authority Acts

Bretton Woods and Related Agreements Act

Budget Implementation Acts 2 (under various titles)

Canada Deposit Insurance Corporation Act

Canada Health Care, Early Childhood Development and Other Social Services Funding Act

Canada Pension Plan 3

Canada Pension Plan Investment Board Act

Canadian Commercial Bank Financial Assistance Act

Canadian International Trade Tribunal Act

Canadian Payments Act

Canadian Securities Regulation Regime Transition Office Act

Cooperative Credit Associations Act

Currency Act

Customs Tariff

Depository Bills and Notes Act

Eldorado Nuclear Limited Reorganization and Divestiture Act 4

Energy Costs Assistance Measures Act

European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Agreement Act

Export Credits Insurance Act (Parts II and III)

Federal-Provincial Fiscal Arrangements Act

Financial Administration Act 5

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada Act

Financial Institutions and Deposit Insurance System Amendment Act

Financial Institutions Depositors Compensation Act

First Nations Goods and Services Tax Act

First Nations’ Sales Tax (Part 4 of the Budget Implementation Act, 2000)

Garnishment, Attachment, and Pension Diversion Act (Part II) 6

Halifax Relief Commission Pension Continuation Act

Income Tax Conventions Interpretation Act

Insurance Companies Act

Interest Act

Newfoundland and Labrador Additional Financial Assistance Act

Nordion and Theratronics Divestiture Authorization Act 7

Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador Additional Fiscal Equalization Offset Payments Act

Office of the Superintendent of Financial Institutions Act

Oil Export Tax Act

Payment Card Networks Act

Payment Clearing and Settlement Act

Pension Benefits Standards Act, 1985

Petro-Canada Public Participation Act 8

Pooled Registered Pension Plans Act

Prince Edward Island Subsidy Act

Proceeds of Crime (Money Laundering) and Terrorist Financing Act 9

Protection of Residential Mortgage or Hypothecary Insurance Act

Provincial Subsidies Act

Royal Canadian Mint Act 10

Tax-Back Guarantee Act

Teleglobe Canada Reorganization and Divestiture Act 11

Trust and Loan Companies Act

Winding-up and Restructuring Act (Parts II and III)

Although another minister is named as responsible minister for the following statutes, the Minister of Finance has policy responsibility in respect of these Acts by virtue of his responsibility under section 15 of the Financial Administration Act for “the supervision, control and direction of all matters relating to the financial affairs of Canada not by law assigned to the Treasury Board or to any other minister”. In some cases, the Minister of Finance is not mentioned in the Act. In other cases, he has assigned responsibilities under the Acts in addition to his policy responsibility.

Air Travellers Security Charge Act

Canada Development Corporation Reorganization Act

Canada-Newfoundland and Labrador Atlantic Accord Implementation Act (Part IV)

Canada-Nova Scotia Offshore Petroleum Resources Accord Implementation Act (Parts IV and V)

Crown Corporations Dissolution or Transfer Authorization Act

Customs and Excise Offshore Application Act

Excise Act

Excise Act, 2001

Excise Tax Act

Income Tax Act

Income Tax Application Rules

Special Import Measures Act

Tax Convention Acts (several under various names, see Agreements — Income Tax, Estate Tax, Succession Duty, etc)

Telesat Canada Reorganization and Divestiture Act 12

1 The Minister of Finance is designated as responsible minister by Order in Council P.C. 1989-516 dated March 23, 1989 (SI/89-98).

2 The Minister of Finance is the responsible minister for all Budget Implementation Acts although not expressly named as such in each Act.

3 Although not named as a responsible minister for the Canada Pension Plan (the responsible ministers are the Minister of Employment and Social Development and the Minister of National Revenue), the Minister of Finance has substantial duties under this Act and is jointly responsible with the Minister of Employment and Social Development for laying an annual report on the administration of the Act before Parliament.

4 The Minister of Finance is designated as responsible minister by Order in Council P.C. 1989-515 dated March 23, 1989 (SI/89-97).

5 The President of the Treasury Board and the Receiver General for Canada also have responsibilities under this Act.

6 The Minister of Finance is designated as responsible minister by Order in Council P.C. 2011-0584 dated May 18, 2011 (SI/2011-49).

7 The Minister of Finance is designated as responsible minister of the purposes of Part II of the Act (except sections 46-47) as it relates to the Members of Parliament Retiring Allowances Act by Order in Council P.C. 1983-4091 dated December 22, 1983 (SI/84-6).

8 The Minister of Finance is designated as responsible minister by Order in Council P.C. 1993-1673 dated August 18, 1993 (SI/93-173).

9 The Minister of Finance is designated as responsible minister by Order in Council P.C. 1993-1674 dated August 18, 1993 (SI/93-174).

10 Except for sections 24.1 to 39 of the Act, for which the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness is responsible.

11 The Minister of Finance is designated as responsible minister by Order in Council P.C. 1989-514 dated March 23, 1989 (SI/89-96).

12 Since no minister has been named or designated as responsible minister, the Act provides that the responsible minister is the Minister of State (Finance and Privatization).

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