Minister Morneau Takes Next Steps to Support Equality and Growth for a Strong Middle Class

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October 25, 2018 – Ottawa, Ontario – Department of Finance Canada

Thanks to the hard work of Canadians, together with the Government of Canada's investments in people and in communities, more middle class Canadians have good, well-paying jobs, and more money to save, invest, and spend on things that matter to them.

To continue this momentum, and ensure that everyone has an equal and fair chance at success, Finance Minister Bill Morneau today tabled a Notice of Ways and Means Motion in the House of Commons. This motion contains outstanding tax and related measures from Budget 2018, Equality + Growth: A Strong Middle Class, and provides more help to Canadians most in need, including low-income workers, families and children.

The Ways and Means Motion includes proposals that would:

  • Allow the Canada Revenue Agency to calculate the Canada Workers Benefit for any tax filer who has not claimed it;
  • Provide a deduction for employee contributions to the enhanced portion of the Quebec Pension Plan;
  • Introduce Climate Action Incentive payments for returning direct proceeds from carbon pollution pricing to individuals and families in certain provinces; and,
  • Remove the limits on political activities for charities, so that they may pursue their charitable purposes by engaging in non-partisan political activities and in the development of public policy.

Subject to Parliament's concurrence, the Government will introduce legislation that implements measures contained in the motion, as well as other measures.


"With this motion, we are taking the next steps in our plan to strengthen the middle class, grow the economy, and give more people a real and fair chance at success. In Budget 2018, we committed to doing more to ensure that more Canadians could share equally in the benefits that come from their hard work. Today's motion helps to bring us closer to that goal."

Bill Morneau, Minister of Finance

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