Onboarding with an Android smartphone

This guide offers instructions on how to onboard onto Defence 365 (D365) using your personal Android mobile device and the Microsoft Authenticator app. Once the following steps are complete, you can login to your D365 account on any personal device, including laptops and mobile devices, using the Microsoft Authenticator app which authenticates your identity.

When you have successfully onboarded using the following guide, it is important to add a second authentication method, in addition to the Microsoft Authenticator app. A second method ensures you can still authenticate your identity and access your D365 account if you are unable to use the Authenticator app.

Note: You must use the Microsoft Teams app when using this guide, the web version of Teams on mobile devices does not work for onboarding.

If you run into problems using this guide, read how to onboard without a smartphone guide.

Onboarding with your Android Mobile Device

  1. On your mobile device, open the Play Store and download the following:
    1. Microsoft Authenticator app.
    2. Microsoft Teams app.
    3. Intune Company Portal.
  2. Open Microsoft Authenticator.
  3. On the initial screen, tap “Accept” then “Continue”.
  4. On the following screen tap “Skip”, located in the upper right corner of the app.
  5. Exit the Microsoft Authenticator app.
  6. Open the Microsoft Teams app.
  7. When prompted, sign in with your ECN email address (eg: firstname.lastname@ecn.forces.gc.ca) and password. The password is provided on the MyInfo page (available via DWAN) or by your local service desk if you don’t have access to the Defence Wide Area Network (DWAN). Contact your manager if you need assistance.
  8. The next screen will read “More Information Required”, tap “Next”.
  9. The next screen will read “Microsoft Authenticator: Start by getting the app”, tap “Next”.
  10. The next screen will read “Microsoft Authenticator: Set up your account in the app”. Tap on the link that says, “Pair your account to the app by clicking this link”.
  11. A number and a pop-up notification that reads “Approve sign-in?” will appear.
  12. Tap the notification and then enter the number shown on the screen below, and then tap “Yes
  13. If you can’t see the number or forgot it, select “I can’t see the number” to hide the screen for a few seconds. When the screen returns you can enter the number that displayed again.

    Important: If you didn’t see a notification or your notification disappeared follow these steps:

    1. Remember the number you see on screen.
    2. Minimize Teams.
    3. Open Authenticator.
    4. In the pop-up that appears, enter the number from the previous screen and tap “Yes”.
    5. Return to Teams.
  14. If successful, the next screen will read “Notification approved”. Tap “Next”.
  15. On the next screen tap “Done”.
  16. The following screen will read “Help us keep your device secure”. Tap “Register”.
  17. Tap “Continue” found at the bottom of the screen.
  18. Your first time logging in to Teams you may be asked to create a PIN.
  19. Once the PIN has been created you should be successfully logged into Teams.
  20. To complete onboarding, open the Intune Company Portal app and sign in using your ECN account credentials.
  21. You will be asked to authenticate using the authenticator app. Repeat the same process mentioned in steps 11-13 above.
  22. Once you are successfully logged in to the Intune Company Portal app, tap on “Devices”. Select your device from the list.
  23. Tap on “This device is not managed” and it will bring you to an “Access Setup Page”. Tap “Begin” in the lower right corner of the screen.
  24. Select “Continue” and then “Next”.
  25. You will be prompted to allow access to “make and manage phone calls” and “access to your contacts”. Tap “Allow” for both.
  26. You will be asked to “Activate Admin App”, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap “Activate this device Admin App”.
  27. The following screen should say “You’re all set!”. Tap “Done”.
  28. Add a second authentication method. This will ensure you can still access your D365 account if you are unable to use the Authenticator app. Instructions on adding a second authentication method: Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Guide for Defence 365.

Your Android device is now set up to use Microsoft Teams. For more information on using D365, visit the D365 portal (You are now leaving the Government of Canada website, User identification and password required).

Accessing the D365 portal on Mobile Devices

  1. Open Play Store (Android)/App Store (iOS) and download SharePoint.
  2. Open SharePoint.
  3. In the search bar at the top of the screen type “D365 Portal”.
  4. Tap the link that pops up and you will be directed to the D365 Portal.

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