Onboarding without a smartphone

This guide offers instructions to onboard onto Defence 365 (D365) using a computer and telephone. This guide is helpful for those who cannot onboard with a smartphone (for example: those working in a secure zone who cannot use their mobile device or those having issues logging in with their smartphone).

A PC and working landline or mobile device are still required to onboard.

Onboard with a PC and Telephone

  1. Follow this link to sign into D365 (You are now leaving the Government of Canada website, User identification and password required). It is recommended that you use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome for the onboarding process.
    • If you experience issues with the page, try opening a private browsing window by clicking the three dots "..." in the upper right corner of your browser, then selecting "New InPrivate window" (Edge) or "New Incognito Window" (Chrome).
  2. Enter your ecn.forces.gc.ca email address (firstname.lastname@ecn.forces.gc.ca) and password. Your password is the password provided from the MyInfo page (available via DWAN) or provided by your local Service Desk if you don’t have access to the DWAN. Contact your manager if you need assistance.
  3. The screen will read "More information is required." Select "Next".
  4. The next screen will ask you to get the Microsoft Authenticator app. Instead, at the very bottom of the screen select "I want to set up a different method".
  5. Select "Phone" (or “Office Phone” if you have an extension) from the drop-down menu and select "Confirm".
  6. Enter your telephone number. Be sure to select the country where you are located from the drop-down menu. Click "Next".
  7. You will receive a phone call at the number you entered. Answer and press the "#" key when prompted. When the call is completed, the authenticator page on your browser will notify you that your phone was registered successfully.
  8. Click "Next" and then "Done" to finish the process.
  9. You will be asked to update your password.
  10. If prompted, please read and accept the Acceptable Use Policy.

    Note: you will need to expand the policy by clicking on the ">" symbol.

  11. The Defence 365 platform should load. You have successfully onboarded!

You will be called at the registered phone number every time you login into Defence 365 on a personal device.

Instructions on how to change your authentication method.

For next steps and more information on using D365, visit the D365 portal (You are now leaving the Government of Canada website User identification and password required).

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