Tokyo Preparatory Meeting: Innovation in Training and Capacity Building

Meeting Summary
Tokyo, 23-25 August 2017

The Tokyo Preparatory Meeting was hosted by the Governments of Japan and Bangladesh with attendance from military, police and civilian personnel of 32 Member States, as well as the European Union and the United Nations. The meeting was organized at Canada’s request in preparation for the Vancouver Ministerial on 14-15 November 2017. The goal of the meeting was to prepare insights and potential deliverables and pledges related to the Vancouver Ministerial theme of Innovation in Training and Capacity Building. The discussions served as an opportunity to explore remaining gaps and challenges related to theme, and to shape Member State options for responding to them through the development of concrete deliverables and pledges to be announced at the Vancouver Ministerial. The UN’s August 2017 Uniformed Capability Requirements paper outlines the pledges being sought.

The meeting was divided into three sessions, with each session comprising of presentations by panel members, and an open discussion to review and identify possible areas of new pledges for Vancouver. Participant discussions were informed by an academic discussion paper commissioned by the Government of Canada.  Several Member States also participated in a visit to learn more about Japan’s efforts on capacity-building and the UN African Rapid Deployment of Engineering Capabilities.

Session 1A: Key discussion points and recommendations on training and capacity-building developments and challenges

Session 1B: Key discussion points and recommendation on UN capability requirements

Session 2 and Session 3: Key discussion points and recommendations on current best practices, existing gaps and new potential pledges

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