Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC)

What CJOC does

CJOC leads most Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) operations in Canada, North America, and around the world.

CJOC directs CAF missions from planning to closing, to meet national and international strategic goals. It ensures rapid responses in CAF operations by:

  • planning for contingencies;
  • establishing structures and processes that can be activated or expanded at short notice for:
    • command-and-control;
    • intelligence;
    • support.

CJOC structure and roles

CJOC is made up of the following:

CJOC is assisted by the:

The Component Commanders lead the:

Component Commanders provide insight into the specifics of CAF operations. They take part in contingency planning and readiness activities. They also command and control CAF elements in operations. This is done under CJOC direction.

CJOC also works closely with partners in operations. These include:

CJOC directs all CAF operations except those run solely by:

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