Canadian Joint Warfare Centre (CJWC)

What is the CJWC?

CJWC is a centre of excellence that assists the CAF in finding ways to operate as a Joint Force to face the ever-evolving operational environment by implementing best practices, novel concepts and accelerate the adoption of available and emerging technology and tools.

It is part of the Canadian Joint Operations Command (CJOC) and it consists of the following sections:

  1. Joint Training Management
  2. Joint Experimentation & Simulation
  3. Joint Warfare Development
  4. Joint Warfare Sciences
  5. Joint Research and Analysis

The CJWC team employs critical thinking, seeks alternative perspectives, and performs rigorous research and analysis using a range of advanced technologies and techniques, validated by the scientific approach.

The outcomes of these CJWC activities are enabling the creation and sustainment of a more capable and integrated joint force that will be better able to achieve operational effects across the full spectrum of conflict.

How long has the CJWC been in existence?

CJWC came into existence on 19 August 2019. Previously, the CJWC was known as the Canadian Forces Warfare Centre and prior to that it was known as the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) Experimentation Centre (CFEC) which was created in December 2000.

Who does the CJWC train?

As a designated training authority (DTA), CJWC deliver courses on their own and are also working in cooperation with the Canadian Army Command and Staff College (CACSC) and the Canadian Forces School of Military Intelligence (CFSMI) to deliver courses in Ottawa and Kingston to support the Joint Training Capability (JTC).

Where is the CJWC located?

CJWC is located at the Shirley’s Bay Campus in Ottawa, Ontario and is just a short drive from the National Defence Headquarters (Carling Campus).

Command Team


Chief Warrant Officer

Chief Warrant Officer J.G.S. Gaudreau

CWO Jeffrey Aman

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