Vice Chief of the Defence Staff

What we do

The Vice Chief of the Defence Staff ensures that Department of National Defence policy and strategic objectives are achieved. We govern the National Defence headquarters, and all HQ activities.

Specific roles

  • The Chief of Programme leads corporate strategies, and offers analysis on planning and resource allocations. It also gives performance reports to the Government on departmental execution of the defence mission.
  • The Chief of Force Development develops and integrates activities to boost military forces.
  • The Director General Defence Security protects, promotes and supports security in the Canadian Armed Forces and the Department of National Defence by leading security programs.
  • The Canadian Forces Provost Marshal guides security management and Military Police resources.
  • The Chief of Reserves is responsible for the delivery of employer support programs for reservists, provides advice, and occasionally gives direction on defence objectives that pertain to the Reserve Force.
  • The Directorate of General Safety manages the General Safety Program and incorporates occupational health and safety into every aspect of departmental operations, training and support activities.
  • The Director General Canadian Forces Grievance Authority leads and supports an efficient grievance system for the Canadian Armed Forces. It also assists Military Grievances External Review Committee in considering and determining grievances.
  • The Canadian Forces Support Unit (Ottawa) provides services to the National Defence Headquarters, units within the National Capital Region, and abroad.

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