DMP Policy Directive 003 – Annex B

Post-Charge Trial Preparation

Director of Military Prosecutions

(Sample of form and questions)

This form is meant to serve as an aid to the Prosecutor at, or shortly following, the time of preferral of a charge(s) when making initial preparations for trial. The goal is to cause the Prosecutor to be aware of various issues at the post-charge review stage in order to facilitate trial preparation at a later time. This form should be completed by the Prosecutor and should remain with the Prosecution file. There is no need to submit this form to the applicable Regional Deputy Director of Military Prosecutions.

  • [GO Number:]
  • [Accused:]

Pre-trial Matters

  • [Accused has right to election: Yes / No]
  • [Type of Court Martial: SCM / GCM]
  • [List Expected/Potential Pre-Trial Applications: (if applicable)]
  • [Charter Issues: Yes / No]

Preliminary Matters

  • [List Expected/Potential Pleas in Bar of Trial: (if applicable)]
  • [Interpreter required: Yes / No]
  • [Public to be excluded for all or parts of Court Martial: Yes / No (If yes – List reasons)]
  • [Publication ban to be requested: Yes / No (If yes – List reasons)]

Guilty Plea (if applicable)

  • [Concurrence of Prosecutor: Yes / No]
  • [Details of the negotiated agreement: (if applicable)]
  • [Witnesses: Yes / No (If yes – List)]

Trial Matters

  • [List of witnesses (including expert witnesses):]
  • [List of other evidence to be introduced:]
  • [MRE issues: Yes / No (If yes – List)]


  • [DNA Order: Yes / No]
  • [Weapons Prohibition Order: Yes / No]
  • [SOIRA Order: Yes / No]

Other Issues

  • [Voir-dire required : Yes / No (If yes – List reasons)]
  • [Notice of Certificate of Analyst served to the accused: Yes / No]
  • [Transcripts required : Yes / No (If yes – List)]

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