Annex D - MOS ID Task Statements


  1. The Generic and MOS ID Task Statements presented in this Annex were developed by Branch Advisors and DGPR with advice from Director Medical Policy (D Med Pol). These Task Statements are the MOS ID-specific duties according to rank (Appendix 1).
  2. These Task Statements should be used as guidelines for the assignment of employment limitations to CAF members. This is of importance whenever a permanent change in medical category requiring career action is initiated.
  3. The examining MO should utilize the Task Statements in the following manner:
    1. Use the Task Statements:
      1. On enrolment; and
      2. Each time a serving member has permanent limitations that are likely to affect the performance of their duty.
    2. Complete the CF 2088 in the usual manner.
    3. Submit through the usual medical channel, for D Med Pol/ Medical Standards section approval and DMCA notification, the following documents:
      1. The CF 2033;
      2. The CF 2088; and
      3. A photocopy of the most recent specialist consultation.


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