Canadian Armed Forces Medical Standards (CFP 154)


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  • Annex A - The Medical Category System
  • Annex B - Generic Task Statement - All CAF Members
    • Appendix 1 - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the Generic Task Statement
  • Annex C - Operational Definitions - Performance Standards for Common Minimum Physical Fitness Standard (MPFS) Tasks
  • Annex D - MOS ID Task Statements
    • Appendix 1 - MOS ID Task Statements – Non Commissioned Members
  • Annex E - Minimum Medical Standards for Officers and Non-Commissioned Members
  • Annex F - Medical Risk Matrix

Information: Canadian Armed Forces Policy Documents

Canadian Armed Forces policy documents follow the hierarchy described below (from greatest to least in precedence).

  • Acts of Parliament (e.g., National Defence Act; Privacy Act, etc…)
  • Regulations (e.g., Queen’s Regulations and Orders)
  • Orders (e.g., Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAODs); Canadian Forces Administrative Orders (CFAOs))
  • NDHQ Instructions (e.g. CF Mil Pers Instructions)
  • Canadian Forces Health Services Group (CF H Svcs Gp) Policy and Direction (e.g. CF H Svcs Gp Instructions; CF H Svcs Gp Orders)
  • Other CF H Svcs Gp direction and guidance documents (e.g. advisories, standards, SOPs, correspondence)

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