Why we do it - Canadian Forces Housing Agency Annual Report 2018-2019

The impact that housing has on a CAF members’ quality of life is significant. An acknowledged link exists between the quality of life of CAF members and CAF readiness; therefore, quality housing contributes to  well-being and morale. Housing is also recognized as an important factor in recruitment, succession, retention and ultimately enables operational readiness.

Finding a new home is ranked as the most important task of a move requiring significant time and effort, according to the preliminary results from the Understanding the Needs of CAF Families During Relocations study, Canadian Forces Morale Welfare Service (CFMWS) 2018. CFHA partnered with CFMWS, the Ombudsman’s Office, and MFRCs across the country in order to improve our connections and services to CAF members.

Our maintenance and repair programs and energy efficiency initiatives improved the condition of the housing portfolio, not only to provide occupants with safe and accessible housing, but also to offer them with benefits associated with energy efficient homes.

We are stewards of resources and ensure that our presence in communities is seen and felt as a positive affirmation of our mission. We want our occupants to feel at home in their RHUs and in their neighbourhoods. This is why we invested in revitalization of our communities. A pleasant and enjoyable experience while living in DND residential housing brings families together and creates a strong bond within the community.

We are active partners in building strong and resilient CAF families. Our accomplishments in providing accommodation solutions for CAF members and their families can be seen in our results for 2018-2019.

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