5. Green Procurement

Defence understands the importance of green procurement and makes every effort to consider the environmental and energy implications of its purchasing decisions, while meeting its operational needs. We make thousands of procurement decisions every year, buying a wide range of products and services. We have a unique opportunity to influence the transition to a low-carbon economy by including criteria to address carbon reduction, sustainable plastics and broad environmental benefits. We have recently updated our Green Procurement directives to reflect our commitments. We will communicate these commitments to suppliers and contractors by purchasing through green standing offer agreements and including green criteria in contracts. This includes a commitment to leverage Defence’s buying power in the construction industry to support the green economy by favoring low-carbon materials and green technologies.


Defence uses many kinds of plastic and non-plastic packaging material including corrugated fibreboard products, shipping sacks, envelopes, polyethylene bags, cushioning materials, straps and tape that are procured through a National Master Standing Offer (NMSO) that is available to all government departments. We are currently working with PSPC and others to develop a sustainable packaging NMSO. Defence and PSPC will consult industry on their capability to provide sustainable packaging and to meet other environmental and sustainability requirements. The results of the industry consultation will inform the new NMSO which is expected in 2024.


Defence is committed to managing military equipment in the most sustainable way possible and in line with operational requirements. We will procure and use military equipment that is as energy efficient as is practical, to reduce overall operating costs and environmental impacts. We will focus on early integration of design specifications that emphasize energy performance and include environmental considerations through a life cycle lens.

TARGET 16 In partnership with PSPC, complete industry consultations to inform a new NMSO on sustainable packaging by 2023

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