Overview of the DND/CAF Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability Science and Technology Strategy (CRESST)

The Department of National Defence and Canadian Armed Forces (DND/CAF) Climate Resilience and Environmental Sustainability Science and Technology strategy (CRESST) identifies the ways DND/CAF can use science and technology to support operations that are environmentally sustainable and resilient to the effects of climate change.

This strategy supports DND/CAF’s commitment to meeting departmental and Government of Canada climate change and sustainability targets.

The CRESST strategy includes three strategic objectives, each with their own action areas:

  1. Conduct research to lessen the impacts of climate change and improve environmental sustainability. Examples include research on transitioning to renewable energy for buildings and fleets, and to reduce pollution.
  2. Assess challenges, risks, and opportunities associated with the environment and climate change. This includes forecasting energy needs and costs for DND/CAF activities.
  3. Conduct research to support climate change adaptation and resilience. Examples include technologies to predict and adapt to changes in the Arctic and coastal communities.

The strategy also outlines supporting activities, referred to as foundational levers that will help address existing institutional barriers and contribute to the strategy’s overall success.

Outcomes are divided into short term (one to five years), medium term (five to 10 years), and long term (10+ years).

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