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Raison d’être

The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) is Canadaʼs national authority for foreign intelligence (Signals Intelligence) and the national technical authority for cyber security and information assurance.

CSE provides critical foreign intelligence to help inform the Government of Canadaʼs decision making on a wide range of issues, including national security.

CSEʼs sophisticated cyber and technical expertise helps identify, prepare for, and defend against threats to Canadaʼs most important systems and networks. CSE may also proactively stop or impede foreign cyber threats before they can damage Canadian systems, and conduct online operations to advance national objectives.

In addition, CSE provides technical and operational assistance to federal law enforcement, security partners, the Department of National Defence, and the Canadian Armed Forces.

The Minister of National Defence is responsible for CSE.

Organizational Estimates

- 2021–22 Expenditures 2022–23 2023–24 Main Estimates
Main Estimates Estimates to Date




Program expenditures 747,691,004 745,978,292 856,737,786 906,759,081

Total Voted

747,691,004 745,978,292 856,737,786 906,759,081

Total Statutory

53,299,702 52,528,180 56,684,568 59,150,278
Total Budgetary 800,990,706 798,506,472 913,422,354 965,909,359

2023–24 Main Estimates by Purpose

Budgetary Operating Capital Transfer Payments Revenues and other reductions Total
Defend and advance Canada’s interests and values in and through cyberspace, and through foreign intelligence 982,049,055 - - (16,139,696) 965,909,359
Total 982,049,055 - - (16,139,696) 965,909,359

Listing of Statutory Authorities

- 2020—21 2021—22 Estimates to date 2022—23 Main estimates
Budgetary - - -
Contributions to employee benefit plans 45,885,813 49,729,868 52,528,180

Items for inclusion in the Proposed Schedule 1 to the Appropriation Bill (for the financial year ending March 31, 2023)

Unless specifically identified under the Changes in 2022–23 Main Estimates section, all vote wordings have been provided in earlier appropriation acts.

Vote No. Items Amount ($) Total ($)
  • Program expenditures
  • Authority, as referred to in paragraph 29.1(2)(a) of the Financial Administration Act, to expend in the fiscal year — in order to offset expenditures that it incurs in that fiscal year — revenues that it receives in that fiscal year from its operations, including the provision of internal support services under section 29.2 of that Act
- 745,978,292
- - 745,978,292

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