Communications Security Establishment - Estimates

Supplementary Estimates (A)

  • The Communications Security Establishment (CSE) plays a critical role in protecting Canada's security, while safeguarding Canadians' rights.
  • CSE provides critical foreign intelligence to help inform the Government of Canada's decision making and protect national security.
  • Its sophisticated cyber and technical expertise also helps identify, prepare for and defend against threats to Canada's systems and networks.
  • Funding included in Supplementary Estimates (A) will help CSE implement important initiatives under the National Cyber Security Strategy to enhance Canada's resilience to cyber threats.
  • This includes funding for the fit-up of a facility for the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security, a unified source of expert advice and guidance on cyber security issues for Canada and Canadians.

Key Facts

  • CSE's 2019-20 Supplementary Estimates (A) include in-year funding of $20.4M for two items.
  • The first item is $11.0M in funding for the fit-up of the new facility for the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security building in Ottawa.
  • The second item is $9.4M in funding to implement three CSE initiatives in the National Cyber Security Strategy.


Funding for The Canadian Centre for Cyber Security

  • CSE's 2019-20 Supplementary Estimates (A) include $11.0M in funding for the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre).
    • The $11.0M is from a $23.0M reprofile of 2018-19 Cyber Centre funding, which was the result of construction challenges and delays.
    • In 2019-20, the fit-up timelines on the new Cyber Centre facility in Ottawa have shifted outward again due to additional challenges with construction, including labour disruptions. As a result of these delays, CSE is only requesting $11.0M of the $23.0 reprofiled funding, which is intended for the IT/furniture fit-up and construction expenditures that were delayed in 2018-19.
    • CSE will submit another reprofile to transfer the balance of $12.0M into 2020-21.
  • A new facility for the Cyber Centre is needed to offer the shared use of an unclassified, multi-purpose space for government, private industry and academia.

Funding to Implement the New National Cyber Security Strategy

  • CSE's 2019-20 Supplementary Estimates (A) also includes $9.4M in funding to implement the new National Cyber Security Strategy.
  • This funding is a result of the Budget 2018 Treasury Board Submission "Ensuring Security and Prosperity in the Digital Age".
  • Specifically, the $9.4M will provide funding for this fiscal year for three CSE initiatives under the Cyber Strategy:
    • Improved Integrated Threat Assessments: this funding will help ensure secure and resilient Canadian cyber systems by improving the Cyber Centre's threat assessments.
    • Expanding Advice and Guidance to the Finance and Energy Sectors: this funding will support the role of the Cyber Centre in providing advice and guidance to critical infrastructure owners and operators on how to prevent and address cyber attacks.
    • Interim Quantum Safe Capability (IQSC): this project will ensure that the confidentiality of the Government of Canada's classified cryptographic devices are protected against future attacks by quantum computing.

Version 1; 2019-12-03
Source: CSE QP Card, 2019-12-03; National Cyber Security Strategy

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