CAF 101 – Operations

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North America

Op NANOOK episodic High Arctic CAF contribution to defence, security, and WoG operations
Op LIMPID 0 Canada Multidomain detection of threats to Canada’s security
Op LENTUS As needed Canada Assistance to Disaster Response in Canada

South America

Op CARIBBE episodic Caribbean Sea and Eastern Pacific Episodic contribution to US led counter narcotics operations
Op GLOBE 1 Haiti CAF support to the GAC led Inter Departmental Task Force-Haiti (IDTF-Haiti)


Op REASSURANCE LTF 803 Latvia Framework nation leading multinational battle group
Op REASSURANCE ATF 51 UK Provide air policing and tactical airlift in support of NATO and Ukraine
Op REASSURANCE MTF 257 Europe RCN contribution to NATO maritime surveillance (Standing NATO Maritime Group)
Op KOBOLD 5 Kosovo CAF contribution to NATO-led KFOR to maintain a safe and secure environment in Kosovo
Op UNIFIER 339 Poland/UK Provision of trg to Ukrainian soldiers
Op SNOWGOOSE 1 Cyprus UN mission to monitor political developments affecting the status quo in Cyprus

Indo Pacific

Op PROJECTION AP *episodic South China Sea Conduct presence operations in support of DND/CAF and GoC objectives
UNITED NATIONS COMMAND 8 Korea/Japan Canada’s persistent contribution to the multinational United Nations Command based in the Republic of Korea.
Op NEON *episodic 55 Asia Pacific Ocean Canada’s episodic contribution to a US-led multinational effort to support the monitoring of UN Security Council sanctions imposed against North Korea
Op HORIZON (Replacing Op PROJECTION Fall 2023) - Indo Pacific Implement defence elements of Indo-Pacific Strategy: deploy more naval assets, participate in more multilateral exercises, strengthen mil-mil cooperation


Op PRESENCE-UGANDA *episodic Uganda Deployment of TAL Det providing airlift support to UN PSO in Africa
*episodic Entebbe Support to UN Engagement Platoon Program
Op PRESENCE-ELSIE *episodic Ghana CTAT deployment to assist GAF with increasing meaningful participation of women in the UN PSO
Op FULCRUM *episodic Sahel Engagements with NIGER, participating in US Ex FLINTLOCK
Op NABERIUS *episodic Niger Capacity building activities with NIGER
Op CROCODILE 8 DR Congo Staff officers and training support to UN operations in the DRC
Op PROJECTION-WA *episodic Gulf of Guinea Forward naval power projection including participation in joint and regional exercises
Op FREQUENCE *episodic Sahel Region RCAF strategic airlift support to France’s Op BARKHANE
Op PRESENCE-TSPO *episodic Zambia and other Support to the UN Office of Integrated Training Services to develop a UN Infantry Training Program
Op SOPRANO 10 South Sudan Staff officers and military liaison supporting cease-hostilities agreement
Op PRESENCE-MALI 4 Mali Staff officers supporting MINUSMA HQ
Op SAVANNE 311 Sudan Contribute to support Canadian and DND/CAF objectives whereby CAF forward presence will help contribute to support the Rules Based Order.

Middle East

Op FOUNDATION 14 Tampa/Qatar/
Staff officers, specialist support, and liaison to US counter-terrorism operations
Op ARTEMIS *episodic Arabian and Red Seas, Gulf of Aden, and the Indian Ocean RCN and RCAF contribution to CMF mission to secure Middle Eastern waters
Op JADE 4 Israel / Lebanon United Nations Truce Supervision Organization mission to observe and supervise regional cease-fire between Israel, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria and to implement the Armistice Agreements
Op CALUMET 52 Sinai Egypt Provision of critical mission support to independent peacekeeping operation between Egypt & Israel
Op IMPACT >300 Iraq/Kuwait/Leb/Jordan CAF support to defeat DAESH in Iraq and Syria as well as build security force capacity
Op PROTEUS 23 Jerusalem Provision of training and advice to improve capacity of Palestinian Authority Security Forces

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