Overview of Senior Advisors

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This is a placemat showing the names and photos of the Level 1 (L1) heads for the Defence Team. Atop the placemat are the Deputy Minister (DM) and Chief of Defence Staff (CDS). L1s are coloured coded based on who they report to: the DM, the CDS, or both the DM and CDS.

Bill Matthew – Deputy Minister

Reports to the DM:

  • Natasha Kim – Associate Deputy Minister
  • Peter Hammerschmidt – ADM (Policy)
  • Troy Crosby – ADM(Material)
  • Cheri Crosby – Chief Financial Officer
  • Rob Chamber – ADM (Infrastructure and Environment)
  • Isabelle Desmartis – ADM (Human Resources – Civilian)
  • Joanne Lostracco – Corporate Secretary
  • Marta Mulkins – Executive Director, Departmental Litigation Oversight

General Wayne Eyre – Chief of the Defence Staff

Reports to the CDS:

  • LGen Eric Kenny – Commander Royal Canadian Air Force
  • RAdm Angus Topshee – Commander Royal Canadian Navy
  • LGen Joe Paul – Commander Canadian Army
  • MGen Paul Prevost – Director Strategic Joint Staff
  • LGen Lise Bourgon – Commander Military Personnel Command
  • VAdm Bob Auchterlonie – Commander Joint Operations Command
  • MGen Steve Boivin – Commander Canadian Special Forces Command
  • LGen Blaise Frawley – Deputy Commander NORAD

Reports to the DM and CDS:

  • LGen Jennie Carignan – Chief Professional Conduct and Culture
  • MGen Mike Wright – Chief of Defence Intelligence
  • Daniel Roussy – DND/CAF Legal Advisor
  • Geneviève Binet – ADM (Public Affairs)
  • Gibby Armstrong – ADM (Review Services)
  • Ross Ermel – ADM (Data Transformation Officer)
  • BGen Rob Holman – Judge Advocate General
  • Shannon Clark Larkin – National Security & Intel Review and Oversight Coordination Secretariat
  • Raj Thuppal – Chief Information Officer

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