DT News: Senior leaders plan to resume business activities across DND and CAF

Video / June 23, 2020


(Jody Thomas) There is much about our return to work and what’s ahead for us that’s going to be asymmetric. Some parts of the organization are going to come back first. Some people won’t be able to come back right away. Some parts of the organization are going to be last because of where they are located geographically in the country and that part of the country isn’t ready to open up. We’re taking all those considerations into our planning and ensuring that we have as good a response for them as we possibly can. But I’m not telling you we’re going to be perfect, I’m telling you that we’re going to keep working at it.

(BGen Cross) It’s about maintaining our readiness. It will be executed asymmetrically, it will be conditions-based and locally informed. Because as we’ve seen around the world and across our great country, the conditions in every little nook and cranny of the world are completely different and they will entirely inform how we execute our resumption of activities.

(MGen Cadieu) Because of course this COVID-19 pandemic is not a simple problem or routine emergency. Rather the Chief, the Deputy expect us to recognize the novelty in this crisis, to use our CDS’ words, and the simultaneity of developments that require mindsets like improvisation, invention and innovative thinking to work through this complex problem.

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