DT News Interview: Cpl Olga Antiperovitch on the Awareness Advertising Campaign

Video / February 16, 2022


(GG) The awareness advertising toolkit aims to highlight how you can support recruitment efforts. Whether that means being featured in an ad or engaging with ads on social media. Today, we're speaking with Corporal Olga Antiperovitch, a CAF medic who was recently deployed on operation UNIFIER to provide us with some insight into her involvement and experience. I wanted to start off by asking: "What made you want to become involved with the awareness campaign?"

(OA) I just wanted a good opportunity to share my story. And this was one of the ways to do it. So, I got asked to participate and I immediately said yes, because it's a good opportunity to share my experiences and share what I have to offer for the CAF.

(GG) Absolutely! And I'm sure that the filming day was quite an experience for you. Can you tell us a bit more about that?

(OA) We filmed right in front of the tent we were doing training in in front of. The camera was all set up, they asked me a couple of questions. I was really nervous about it, because I was... I'm so used to saying just the TCCC acronym. I don't really pronounce Tactical Combat Casualty Care. So, we had to shoot it a couple times. Regardless, it was a good fun day. The answers... the questions were really good, because it really gets a good grasp of what I had to offer and what I was doing here in Ukraine, and what I was working on. Especially with... the events  that were happening in the background. They were all doing medicine and the tents were all set up. And everybody was working hard.

(GG) Excellent! And what does it mean to you to be able to represent the Canadian Armed Forces?

(OA) It means a great deal, actually, because I worked long and hard to become a Canadian Armed Forces medical technician. Seven years in this trade and I have a lot of experience. I've been to a couple of places already. All the medical experience, all the training is now being put forward into what I have to offer. And I just... I wanted definitely to share to people that, you know, this could be your job at some point. Because, somebody is replacing me, and at some point, somebody will replace him, and so on, so forth. And someday, it'll become somebody's interest at one point.

(GG) To show your support for your fellow CAF members, like and share recruitment posts when they come up on your feed. There is no better way to support the campaign than to be a part of it. To find more about the awareness campaign toolkit, visit the related links.

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