Ask Anything: ADM(IM), Len Bastien answers questions about Defence 365, Wi-Fi connectivity, GPNet stations

Video / August 21, 2020


However you're working remotely, whether from home or from the office, the Wi-Fi connectivity is gonna be the limiting factor. Of course, if you have great Wi-Fi at home, you may find your service at home is perfectly adequate to do DVPNI or Office 365 and all the videoconferences you can imagine.

That being said, like me, if you have some kids in the background gaming or watching Netflix, you may find that your Wi-Fi at home has issues keeping up with the demand.

So, to that end, we know we have government Wi-Fi available in many of our bases wings and garrisons and headquarters buildings in Ottawa. I would offer that service is available to you if you need it and we're working hard to get DWAN capacity up and running to a level that can sustain even more video usage. For now, we're working and doing the best with what we got. I hope it's enough.

We're excited about this. As much as going into pandemic and BCP was difficult, the opportunity presented itself to bring Office 365 into Defence.

Yes, it was intended initially to just make us a bit more mobile and available, but we do have a long-term plan. I'm excited to say that our vision would be that you have a single work environment that can follow you to your workplace, to your home or even on travel if travel ever becomes a reality again.

So, we're working towards that outcome. It's gonna take time and resources, but we're excited about it. So, consider this just probably the first few steps in a journey towards a more digital, modern work environment.

We hear you loud and clear. The reality is, on March 13th, when we went into BCP, we had limited DVPNI capabilities. We can handle 7 to 8 000 connections, which was good on an average day, but now that we have the department completely working remote, we had to double down really quickly.

Within weeks, we actually increased the DVPNI capacity three to four times what it was. And today, we're setting at the capacity to host over 20 000 connections if we need it.

So, I would offer that you can now work with your manager, figure out the best solution for you, but if it includes DVPNI, really, you should have no issues getting access to that capability.

Office 365 is also released to everyone. Everyone has an account and you have to access it differently for now, but it is, between the two systems, we'd like to believe we have the ability to make sure the workforce can do the work from wherever it is they need to do it.

We did make those addresses available and so, you actually should be getting corporate distribution email to your Office 365 account at the same time as you get it to your DWAN account. We understand, having two mailboxes can be inconvenient and getting everything twice is certainly not the best and we're working towards a plan that would get us to the point where we'll actually be able to share between the two, but for now, it's not a bad compromise. I hope you enjoy it.

Well, I hope that I've answered some of your questions today. It's been fun. I would offer that the more you give us in feedback through this mailbox at Ask Anything COVID-19, the more we'll be able to adjust the experience you'll get in the future.

We're looking forward to whatever comes next and we would like to know that the Defence Team is connected, collaborating and communicating as much as possible. Take care.

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