Defence Team, send us your questions about resuming work!

As the Defence Team shifts back to a business continuity and remote work posture, we know that circumstances vary depending on different personal, regional and operational realities, and this may raise questions about what resuming work looks like for you.

If you have questions or concerns, contact your manager or chain of command first in order to get the most accurate response that applies to your specific situation. We also encourage you to consult the resources available on the Defence Team COVID-19 Resuming work web page.

Ask Anything: COVID-19

Ask Anything

If you still have questions about resuming work, we welcome your submissions on our Ask Anything: COVID-19 web page.

We will collect questions anonymously and publish answers regularly in order to address common issues raised across the Defence Team.  Please note that we cannot address individual circumstances due to privacy concerns.

You are also encouraged to read the CDS/DM Directive for the Resumption of Sustained Activities in a COVID-19 Environment (Fall 2020 Posture) – Amendment 2 that was published in December 2020, if you haven’t done so already. It provides guiding principles on business resumption to the department’s senior leaders.


Questions about policies that apply to military personnel should be addressed to the CMP Administrative Response Centre (ARC) for personnel policy questions. The ARC is a centre of expertise that can help answer personnel policy questions, including:

  • CMP programs, policies, services for CAF members and their families,
  • Concerns related to COVID-19 and COVID-19 policies,
  • Business Resumption within MPC.

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