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May 12, 2021 - Defence Stories


My Transition Guide: Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life

The one sure thing about a military career, is that everyone will transition out at some point and that each person and their family will experience this transition journey differently. It is never too early to start making a plan. Whether your transition is happening in the next year or in the next 20 years, the way to a seamless transition is through proper self-reflection, planning, and execution.

My Transition Guide contains many helpful tools and resources that inform Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families along their journey through a successful military to civilian transition. An updated version is available now.

As a centrepiece for CAF Transition Group’s suite of services and programs, My Transition Guide now has more intuitive chapters that reflect the domains of well-being. The domains of well-being are categorized as: Health, Purpose, Finances, Social Integration, Life Skills, and Housing and Physical Environment.

Reflecting on these domains of well-being allows a person to consider key areas of their life, and to focus on specific aspects of them to assess, plan, and prepare for a successful transition from military to civilian life.

While the military lifestyle does tend to foster adaptability and resiliency in military families, transition to civilian life presents a significant change for which they need to prepare just as earnestly as their loved one in uniform. To that end, family-focused transition resources and services are now front and centre in this updated version of the guide.

Like any major life decision, it is truly worth the time, effort and energy to prepare for and ultimately make well-informed transition decisions, for they affect each person and family differently. This can be intimidating and complex, yet it can also be exciting and rewarding. Being equipped with the revised My Transition Guide today will allow transitioning members and their families to set themselves up for a smoother transition and better success in their lives after service to Canada.

About the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group

The mission of the Canadian Armed Forces Transition Group (CAF TG) is to deliver personalized, professional, and standardized casualty support and transition services to CAF members and their families to enable seamless transition and enhanced well-being with special attention provided to ill and injured personnel, their families and the families of the deceased.

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