Military Spouse Employment Initiative: Keri Roy and Sgt. Palmater

June 1st, 2021 - Defence Stories


Keri Roy and Sgt. Palmater

Re-locations are never easy. However, our most recent posting turned out to be a very positive experience. It brought us closer to our extended family and back to the east coast in New Brunswick. With any move, the main concern is what our children's experience will be. So far it has been amazing and they have all settled in and adapted wonderfully especially during these difficult times.

I became aware of the Military Spouse Employment Initiative (MSEI) program after my spouse sent me the information back in February of 2020 that he had received by email. I applied to the inventory poster and shortly after, I started to receive emails about various job opportunities I was qualified for in my area. 

I was hired to work at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans on December 30, 2020 as an Accountant Representative. I really enjoy my work and my colleagues. Although we are all remote working, our team continues to communicate throughout the day and we organize team building activities to boost morale.

I am so happy that this program was created. This experience helped me feel like I wasn’t on my own and that someone was helping to market my application and was putting my name out there.

The MSEI has helped my family by providing access to the tools and resources to help guide me to amazing job opportunities. I encourage all military spouses to apply to the MSEI job inventory.

A few words from Keri Roy’s spouse, Sgt. Palmater

The MSEI was a great opportunity for my spouse and our family.  I was relieved to know that there was job support for my spouse after we relocated and I was very happy when she was hired to work at the Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

For more information on how to apply for a job or on how to access the inventory, visit the Military Spouse Employment Initiative website or contact the National Staffing Programs team.

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