Over 50 Virtual Shout-Outs received on National Public Service Week

June 30, 2021 - Defence Stories

Way to go! Nice work! Keep it up!
The Defence Team came together to recognize our collective achievements during National Public Service Week (NPSW).

Defence Team members were encouraged to leave a message of recognition for a deserving colleague or team member to express appreciation, praise, or acknowledgement for their contributions, and to help stay connected from afar.

Throughout the course of the week (June 13-19), more than 50 “Virtual Shout-Outs” were submitted from across the Defence, demonstrating that a strong culture of recognition and camaraderie exists despite many of us working from a distance. See below for a full list of Shout-Outs.

If you missed your chance to submit a “Shout-Out” during NPSW, it’s not too late. The Corporate Awards and Recognition Secretariat will be accepting messages throughout the year.

How to submit a Virtual Shout-Out

Please e-mail all shout out requests to the Corporate Awards and Recognition Secretariat at Awards-Recompenses@forces.gc.ca. Please be sure to provide the e-mail address of the person(s) being recognized. CAF members and Public Service employees are eligible to receive Shout-Outs.

Your Virtual Shout-out will be featured in an upcoming edition of the Bulletin Board, accompanying other Defence Team members who have received acknowledgement from their colleagues.

June 30, 2021

Caroline, Stephanie and Sylvie would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the team for still being on board the HRCONNECT ship despite the storms we have been through; the waves of Covid, the winds of the merger of the two teams and the tornado of the reorganization... we are glad you are still part of the crew! Sarah for your calmness and serenity, Khadija for your positivism and delicacy, Laura for your initiatives, Chantal for your relentlessness, Christiane for your dedication, Koren for your wisdom, Ryan for your greatness, Michael for your cheerful personality, Frédéric for your calmness and humor, Véronique for your energy, Valérie for your strength and resilience, Bintou for your splendor, Mélanie for your team spirit Jean-Pierre for your thoughts and ideas, Bonnie for your resilience and your positivism, Nathania for your dynamism and your talent as a translator Laurence for your sweetness, Suzanne for your diplomacy, Ronda for your candor.

My « Virtual Shout-Out » goes out to the amazing team I work with… HR Connect RH… My 2nd family! In fact, I must say that I am truly proud of everyone on this team that works hard every day to be up to the expectations that can provide our services. It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to have such fantastic colleagues, supervisors, technical advisors, team lead and manager. I’d also like to thank them for keeping up the good work throughout all the difficulties that we can encounter now and then because I can always count on them and this makes my days brighter - J Mélanie G.

I would like to acknowledge the dedication and work ethic of Ms. Tammie Bazinet. She has provided invaluable support to managers and myself in several files related to human resources, which allowed us to complete a major project and to staff several new positions at the Royal Military College Saint-Jean, a military institution now recognized as a university-level educational institution. Her team spirit and sense of humor are greatly appreciated and contribute to the success of our team. Thank you Tammie! - Kimberly Anne Mady 

I would like to send a virtual “Bravo!” to Susan Boudreault, Annie Levesque, François Lussier and Martine Meech. Through the ongoing contribution of these four clerks at the 41st Canadian Forces Health Services Centre (41st CF H Svcs C), assistance is given day after day to members who need it. These individuals’ kindness, empathy and dedication contribute to the success of our mission. Without their daily efforts, the 41st CF H Svcs C would not be able to provide as much help as it does. - Captain Daniel Boislard, CD, B.Sc., Inf.

I would like to congratulate the team at the strategic partner engagement office of Eastern Canada for its excellent work! The pandemic certainly didn’t dampen your enthusiasm because you completed over 167 activities in 2020-2021 and you’re on your way to completing 35 more for the first quarter – 200% over target! You paved the way for virtual presentations to students, business people and leaders in the Quebec community and the Maritimes. You used new approaches, such as digital campaigns reposted on partners’ social media and web pages, video capsules for the virtual National Women’s Show, and many more. There is no doubt that a great number of people are now better informed as to what the CAF and DND excel in with strength, courage and bravery. Thank you and bravo to Captain Marie-Christine De Tilly and Cassandra Toussaint-Jean-Pierre - Marie-Anne Jutras

I would like to say Bravo to two of our super PS employees, Christine Tremblay and Martin Lemire. Thank you Ms. Tremblay for your reliability, courtesy and helpfulness at the CAF Recruiting Centre in Chicoutimi. We have only met three times since my arrival in July 2019 and despite the distance and the pandemic, you have always been there to listen to our requests. Bravo! Thank you Mr. Lemire for your attentiveness and team work. You are always ready to answer our questions about finances. Working with you has been very rewarding and the client service you provide is outstanding. Bravo! - Captain Junior Caron

I am honoured to be part of the National Student Hiring Team and I wish to send a special shout-out to all its members:
Melanie Pudifin Laverty – for rocking your first few weeks on our team in your student contract and for taking on the DM Event video and duties… well done!
Penny McEwen – for your dedication and hard work keeping NSHT organized and afloat during some challenging times. Nailed it!
Christina Perry – for your amazing gold star work supporting us all and your beautiful attitude!
Michael Gargaro – for bringing all your good cheer and expertise back to NSHT as a law student, and forging new pathways for law students to meaningful jobs in DND!
Bonnita Mitchell – for your inspired actions bringing on student talent, and your positive cheer and hard work!
Yasmin Ismail – for your kind heart and your willingness to help out wherever you can, with such positivity!
Valerie Montambeault – for your wonderful contribution to this team as Staffing Advisor and taking things on with such enthusiasm!
Jennifer Pelletier – for handling a very high volume of work like a boss, taking care of your team and being so client focussed!
Tabitha Winsor – for your head-down approach, down to earth manner we love so much and your great client reviews!
Rafael Lefebvre Lafreniere – pour ton dévouement à notre équipe et notre mandat, et ton esprit ouvert and ambitieux!
Erin Dwyer – for hitting the ground running, being so open and willing to take on new things, and for your flair!
Liselle Tsai – for your resilience and radiance and your eagerness and enthusiasm to do a stellar job!
Un grand merci du fond de mon cœur - Roxana Kendall

A big shout out to the HR Liaison Team in DGCB, Jasmin Fowler and Gord Wright for all the hard work you’ve been doing during this difficult time. You have done an incredible job keeping the business of all things HR going despite the challenges of working remotely, training on a new system and DWAN challenges. Most importantly, you did it all with a positive attitude.
A special shout out also goes to our HRO, Leah Lynt and our HR Advisor, Emilie Roussin who have contributed to a big part of the success of our team.
Thank you all so very much! You all make it enjoyable “coming” to work each day. - Debbie Wiseman

I would like to nominate Colonel Pascal Ratté for a virtual shout-out for his 2 years of devotion to the DOL portfolio from the entire DOL Team. Colonel Ratté, as Director of Official Languages, for his leadership, devotion and energy since 2019. His vision and guidance over the past 2 years greatly helped to infuse the team with his passion and assisted in moving many difficult and politically sensitive files forward. You will be missed. Best of luck (not that you need it) in your next endeavours. - The DOL Team

I would like to send a Shout-Out to my employee Miss Laura Thivierge, Laura is the AACS administrator at CFINTCOM and provides an essential support to multiple intelligence units as well as other departmental entities within the NCR. Laura, I want to take this opportunity to openly share my appreciation for your continuous dedication throughout the COVID-19 posture. Your jovial approach, professional conduct, flexibility and adaptation to the numerous and high level demands ensures that the needs and operational requirement of intelligence units and outside organisations are met in a timely manner; you can take pride in being an integral part of their success. Lastly and more personally, you have welcomed me on the team a year ago and I cannot thank you enough for your friendly attitude in accepting me as a new member on the team. Go HABS Go. A sincere thank you Laura for everything! - Viviane Holmes

I would like to send a Shout-Out to my employee Mr. André St-Laurent. André is the CFINTCOM Alternate Unit Security Supervisor (A/USS) and joined the CFINTCOM security team back in January 2021. André, you have been a truly positive addition to the team. Your adaptability, professional dedication and willingness to learn your new responsibilities have been remarkable. Through your efforts and care for helping others, you expertly accomplished the multitude of requests sent your way which in turn facilitated the integration of many new members and employees to the unit. Know that you have positively and directly participated to the success of our section and unit as a whole. On a side note, we are looking forward to your tai-chi classes. Thank you for all your hard work André! - Viviane Holmes

A huge shout out and thank you to Brigitte Mazerolle and Dan Labelle for helping to ensure that DRSM 4 met all required deadlines and objectives despite the challenges this past year has presented. You joined our team just prior to COVID-19 and had to train and learn your jobs predominantly in a new virtual environment yet you rose to the challenge and exceled. Your adaptability and willingness to assist where required to ensure that all tasks were accomplished in a timely manner, has allowed us to continue to provide the best possible customer service to our members. Your hard work, diligence, and dedication over the past year and during these unprecedented times is truly appreciated. Thank you for being part of our team. - Sergeant C Howard, CD

Alexandra Williams has that rare mix of talent, wide spectrum of skills, ability to learn quickly and is a fully competent worker. Even more important though is how she takes on everything she’s given and still jumps in to help every single member of every team in our section, delivering impeccable communications products that bring great results. Just to round out her talents, Alex ensures that we all feel special on our birthdays with special deliveries from the team. Everyone should have an Alex on their team! Thank you for all that you do, Alex! - ADM(IM)’s IM Group Communications team

Thank you to Matthew Hammar who is the section’s resident chameleon, working to support all teams at a moment’s notice, picking up whatever skills and understanding necessary information to get the job done. From coordinating the work of the team to building technical skills to developing products on all files to leading on files himself, Matt is always eager to jump in and get things done! Matt is leading our section’s informal French chat hours too. Bravo Matt! - ADM(IM)’s IM Group Communications Team

A major shout-out to Shania Mahendran who has performed above her level and above expectations, mastering new skill sets with lightning speed, teaching her impressive skills to others and producing excellent work not only for her own team, but for every team in our section. Shania just happens to appear before you need her and with the product you need. We think she owns a crystal ball. - ADM(IM)’s IM Group Communications Team

It is encouraging and fulfilling to work alongside a particularly special group of public servants who invest their time, their expertise, and themselves into the success of the CH147F Chinook fleet. With every form, every airworthiness artefact, every financial approval, every metric review, every process, every data entry exercise and every report, you continue to contribute to the increasing success of this team, this fleet and its operations. On the heels of a record flying year, successful participation in OP LASER and OP VECTOR and ongoing support to operations – you are a necessary and vital part of this team. I couldn’t do it without you. This is your shout-out – and I couldn’t be prouder to provide it: Scott Bradley, Connell Siddons, Zarley Hutt, Brittany Clouthier, Jonathan Holla, Bruce Spence, Mike Steffin and Justin Durocher. - LCol Ryan Lawrence

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results. - Andrew Carnegie

I would like to recognize Micheline Dumont with a Virtual Shout-Out. She started on our team at the beginning of the pandemic and has been a constant support system to me. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her guidance. - Brittany Ruddick

I would like to give a big shout out to Debra Wightman for always having a positive attitude and an amazing work ethic! Though we don’t work together any longer she continues to spread her cheer wherever she goes and always gives 100% effort to her job. She has been dedicating her life to the military as a member, a spouse, Calian instructor and now DND employee with CFTDC Borden. Keep up the fantastic work Deb! - Sgt Therese Stark

Steve Cheeseman is the glue that holds DAIP together. He’s the essential lynchpin that our team needs and I’m not sure what we would do without him! He always has an amazing positive attitude and you can tell he clearly loves what he does. His kindness keeps everyone going even when things are crazy busy. Thank you for all that you do Steve! Know that our team appreciates you so much! - Kassandra Poirrier

Patricia McWhirter, Deneen Dube and Jamey Hayden are three incredibly hard-working ladies who rock the FIN department at RAWC. They are committed to providing excellent service to all military and civilian personnel and their positive energy radiates throughout the unit. I miss working with them every day-they truly make the workplace better. Thank you Tia, Deneen and Jamey for all the knowledge and friendship that you share with us-we appreciate everything you do! - Cpl Michelle Eddy

Shout-Out to Tiffany Boffice, who works in DSPA. She has been a lifeline for me and never fails to come through with any tasking. Quick as a whip, sharp and driven. The support you have shown us regarding our civilian files is second to none. - Thanks from Jill Belanger in the Canadian Army

A huge thank you to the Reconciliation Team employees in FCR/DFA: John Barker, Mary Lim, Sue MacLeod, Bilques Gulzada, Tim Awuku-Asabre and Sarada Dutta. I can’t thank you enough for your hard work, for bringing 100% to your job and for providing excellent client service, while working remotely. I appreciate your dedication to getting the job done and am giving you a shout-out for getting all the accounts cleared/reconciled by year-end. There seems to be more transactions all the time and this year-end was no exception! - Melanie Fraser-Dawson

A shout out and huge thank you to Joanne Wilson for your continued support since I have arrived in this position. You always make yourself readily available for any questions I have, and never have made me feel uncomfortable about asking them. Your knowledge, professionalism and honesty is something I appreciate and admire. Thank you for always being so helpful, not just to me, but to our entire team! - Carolyn Campbell

This is a shout out to our Public Service Employee, Andrea Graham. With over 20 years of combined military and public service, she is a welcomed addition to the Victoria Recruiting Centre. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience and never fails to impress her peers and supervisors alike. COVID-19 has been extremely difficult as far as finding new and efficient ways of doing business yet Andrea came up with a hybrid work model and executed it seamlessly. Her position is deemed high profile as she is the last set of eyes on the Recruiting File before the applicant enrols into the Canadian Armed Forces. From your team at CFRC Vancouver Detachment Victoria, thank you Andrea for all of your hard work and dedication! Your work is appreciated! - Sgt Shannon Vickery

Sending a virtual shout out to a small but very mighty team of Operational Stress Injury Social Support (OSISS) peer supporters who work for the CAF TU in S Ontario. This team of three - Polliann Maher, Rebecka Mason and Marc Séguin go above and beyond each and every day as they provide exemplary peer support to the ill and injured and their families; while they also work to manage, mentor and support a phenomenal team of volunteers. It is an honour to work with these amazing people. - Lisa Murphy

Thank you Lindsay Wells for your incredible work on the Tiger Team so far! Your terrific assistance on the Tiger Team in National Staffing Operations in HR-Civ, while also maintaining your other client portfolios demonstrates your ability to manage a high volume of work without ever missing a beat! Thank you for your commitment to staffing and providing excellent client service, this has not gone unnoticed. Thanks for all of your hard work! - Christina Lee

I would like to thank Diane Zevenbergen and Marty Charron who have both joined the ATESS team this past year during the pandemic. Both Marty and Diane brought to us extensive experience and they quickly became familiar with our operations and projects. They are both hard workers, dedicated to finding solutions to difficult problems, and have easily proven to be valuable members of our unit. I appreciate the hard work and dedication they have displayed throughout the pandemic as well as the contributions they have made to our HR and procurement activities. ATESS is stronger with each of them on our team and I want to ensure they know how much we value their contributions. Thank you for being part of ATESS. - LCol Mark Eberts, CO ATESS

Shout out to Jack Scrive from ADM(IM) Procurement for his continuous support of the team. He steps up to assist all of his colleagues whenever they need assistance – providing guidance, training, troubleshooting. Anytime something new comes up he is quick to develop SOPs complete with step by step instructions including screenshots. All of this and you continue to stay on top of all of your procurement files. You are such a great part of our team! Thank you for being you, I appreciate all that you do. - Kerri Patrick

I would like to give a shout out to a civilian employee at Naval Fleet School Pacific at CFB Esquimalt, Marie-Raymonde Anderson. Marie-Raymonde is in our procurement cell and she has been essential to the success of the school and the delivery of our courses. Even before Covid she was a solid performer, accomplishing in full her duties and covering off for those who were ill or new personal who were not yet operating at the required speed. When Covid hit and the school had to source materials for cleaning and sanitizing, on top of regular needs, she worked with military and support staff and suppliers to fulfill all our requests while working for the most part from home. Her dedication and commitment allowed the school to start up safely and with the materials needed to succeed.

I would like to publicly thank Ray for her excellent work ethic and her high level of proficiency. - MS Kelley Rooney

I would like to make a shout out to my Manager Esme Bailey (she/elle) who is the Manager of Community Relations and Outreach at the Directorate Army Public Affairs.

Esme has been a great advocate for her team and very creative when it comes to marketing ideas. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with her on numerous important projects from the National Defence COVID-19 Emergency Campaign and Canada Army Run amongst other enjoyable tasks like promoting the Army with tools such as Juno the CA Mascot. Esme shows inspiring leadership traits and recognizes everyone’s contributions to her team, letting them shine. She is very thorough, responsive and inclusive and is a complete asset to DAPA and The Canadian Army. She will be leaving our department shortly for Correctional Service Canada, and I know she will be an exemplary leader there too for her new team. I wish her all the best in her career throughout the public service. - Joanna Gajdicar

PMO ACSV ILS Section would like to give a big shout-out to our Integrated Logistics Support Manager (ILSM), Yasmine Elfeki. Yasmine, you are our unsung hero, you’re exceptionally dedicated to your role and it hasn’t gone unnoticed how much of your own time you sacrifice for the benefit of your team members and the PMO writ large. Whenever we need advice and guidance you’re there; whenever we can’t find a file or reference you’re there; and whenever we’ve had a rough day and we need an empathetic ear you’re there. We really appreciate how you’ve created a harmonious and productive work environment in the ILS Section and your positive influence will undoubtedly transcend to your role as an L2 rep at the L1 Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. It may sound cliché, but you’re truly an inspirational leader, mentor and friend. In celebration of National Public Service Week (NPSW), we just want you to know you’re a fantastic person to work for and you have our utmost admiration and respect. Thank you for everything you do and for your service, we all appreciate it! - PMO ACSV ILS Section

I would like to submit a virtual shout out to Naomi Wolford, Andrea Wolford and the entire staff at Curtiss Dining Hall at CFB Borden. The work of these front line workers has been excellent throughout these unsettled times. These people personify the word service every day. Outstanding work folks! - John Wolford

Massive shout-out to Davia Saab, ADM(IM)’s Events Coordinator and MS Teams Live Events Liaison: Her job changed from organizing ADM(IM) in-person events to establishing MS Teams Live Events for the entire department and supporting the department’s senior leadership. The transition from master of traditional event organization to novice of this technical platform was seamless. She is now an expert at organizing virtual events just a few months later. Her exceptional client service skills and patience coupled with her creative problem solving skills and determination are key to the 100% success rate of Live Events. Congratulations on all of your successes, Davia! - Louise Marin

I would like to personally thank the following ladies who have helped make the National Priority Management Team what it is today and hopefully continue its great work in years to come: Paula Seale (out-going Team Leader and awesome teacher to us all), Erin Brown (incoming Team Leader who will have big shoes to fill), Joanne Trainor (one of our veteran team members who literally takes every client’s needs to heart), Monica Carcary (our newest team member who has a bright future ahead of her), Lynn Greenwald (our Team Advisor who helps us in so many ways), Tanya Quinn (left our team in late March after being with the team over 2 years and whom we miss so dearly) and Melissa Jean-Gilles (currently away on leave but should be back by Feb 2022 – she has been missed).

Every member of our team plays a very important and vital role in ensuring that various types of priorities can be promoted for civilian public service jobs within any Federal Government Department. Every single team member brings their own strengths and makes our team stronger in consequence.

It has been an honour working side-by-side with each and every one of them and I am proud to be the team’s HR Coordinator. When each priority gets an indeterminate job, we see the value of this program. This is a life-changer for many civilian employees and medically-released CAF members.

Way to go Team and keep up the excellent work!!! - Pauline Thomas

As our Section Head is posting out this Friday (along with a well-deserved promotion), we at DADDS 2 in the RCAF would like to give her a GREAT BIG shout-out!!

I would like to thank soon-to-be Col Cathy Blue on being one of the most understanding, knowledgeable and passionate military leader that I have had the honour to work under. Starting a new position in 2020 during COVID means not having the chance to meet in 3D as a team, yet Col Cathy Blue has managed to give incredible amounts of support and guidance to make myself - along with other newcomers – feel included and truly part of the team.

BZ Col Blue, we will miss you TONS here at DADD 2. Best of luck with your exciting new position, and remember you are always welcome to join in our Teams coffee meets! - DADDS 2 in the RCAF

As the Executive Director of the National Security and Intelligence Review and Oversight Secretariat, I would like to thank my amazing team for their hard work, dedication and hours of commitment to ensuring that DND/CAF are always responding to the many requests and demands. Without hesitation they work together, problem solve and come up with creative and new solutions to help make the external review process more efficient. It is an honour to work alongside such energetic and amazing individuals. They conduct themselves with grace and professionalism. Thank you to each and every one of you for all the little things you do. Your dedication and continuous strive for improvement and inclusiveness is inspiring. For the courage you demonstrate on a daily basis by challenging the status quo, for the determination to make significant and lasting change – thank you. It is truly an honour!! - Linda Rizzo Michelin

A huge thank you to Linda Rizzo Michelin, Executive Director of the National Security and Intelligence Review and Oversight Secretariat for your exceptional leadership. It is an absolute pleasure to work for and alongside such a dedicated, compassionate, supportive and kind boss. I appreciate your openness and the safe space that you create for all of your employees. You are an inspiration! Thank you!! -Sadaf Kachalia

We are so lucky to have Andréanne Allard-Blanchard on our team. She has stepped up to take on additional responsibilities while we work to complete our intranet web renewal. Whenever there is something new to learn, she is like a sponge and shows us no challenge is too great. She approaches her work with a positive attitude, and when the volume of work gets high she says she is excited to take it on! Having someone like her on the team who delivers and brings great ideas to the table is invaluable. She is valued by me, and all of the chain of command. Without her our internal comms team simply wouldn’t be able to deliver! Thank you so much Andréanne for all that you do. - Kelly MacDonald

I would like to congratulate Carmella Harrity for her recent promotion to LCdr. She was an amazing manager for Data Capture Services, and a great example for women, a balanced career, and family life. Her success stories never fail to amaze us. Good luck with her new position. Cheers and congratulations! – Rong Kuang

A BIG Shout-Out to Catherine Mottet who is an employee at CFSG (O-G) in the Orderly room. She is a dedicated worker and her hard work is also overlooked. She is always ready to help when asked. I just want to recognize her for her dedication and hard work. – Joan Buchanan

Rob Falkingham, Team Leader of 1 Field Ambulance Clinic Health Records has a huge responsibility, with several Detachments under him. Rob fields questions on a daily basis from other Military Medical Centres, as well as his own Medical Staff and answers each and every one quickly and with assurance. He is dedicated, loyal, professional and he always makes a lasting impression on all. Rob is one of the smartest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and is in constant demand for his knowledge and leadership skills. I am very proud to know this wonderful person and he deserves recognition for all that he does. BZ Rob! - Theresa Slavik

I would like to send a Big Virtual Shout-Out to Sgt Alvin Mailvagnam and Mcpl Christopher Drouin! These two fine gentleman brought positivity, and dedication to Canada and the CAF in everything they did at CFJIC! Working with them has been a real honour. They will be lifelong battle buddies for sure! - MCpl Jonathan Wayne Crouch

I would like to send a Virtual Shout Out & a special thank you to the J4 Logistics Team at the Canadian Defence Academy, Kingston, Ontario. As everyone knows this year and a half as been like no other. Despite the many, many challenges, each one of you persevered and maintained the necessary composure to get PPE, IT equipment and other goods or services procured in time for Formation units to meet their mandate. You earned the utmost trust, admiration and respect of your colleagues. Congratulations for completing the tasks!!! Thank you to Bradley Durant, Sandra Harris, Jeoffrey Polenz, Jameson Wood and Private Emily Sheahan. - Margaret Tebbutt

A Shout-Out and giant thank you to everyone on the Royal Canadian Navy Public Affairs Team for all of their hard work and dedication. This amazing group of talented individuals remains highly productive and engaged, even with all of the difficulties that the pandemic has thrown our way. This is a team of rock stars who make coming into the office each day, whether physically or virtually, easy! - Kim Cameron

A huge thanks to the DCMC US Team, Craig Morris and Jade Pang for their excellent engagement with allies, other departments as well as for keeping on top of a very broad range of issues! - Rutha Astravas

A huge thanks to the DCMC MOU team, Omar Khan, Monica Morrison and Serena Streak – for your hard work, superb attention to detail, initiative, and skilled engagement with a broad range of partners in support of MA&S for CAF. I am always learning from you. - Rutha Astravas

A huge thanks to the DCMC exports team, Jade Pang – you have been working so hard to keep this critical activity going throughout COVID-19 and finding ways to make it work even better. - Rutha Astravas

A huge thanks to the DGIIP BOD, Anne Bank, Jeff Bean, Nicholas Marum, Marjorie Joynt and Manon Barrette – you are amazing, supportive, and “can-do” colleagues and people. We have and continue to accomplish so much together. I look forward to when we will all be live and in-person. - Rutha Astravas

Thanks Joanie Brissard for your hard work as our NDMOUC. The range and number of tasks you complete so well and collaboratively week after week is truly awesome and a testament to your commitment, deep expertise, resilience, and partnership. - Rutha Astravas

A huge shout-out to the ADM(Finance) Workforce Strategies and Planning Team within the Directorate of Planning and Coordination! This team has worked tirelessly over the last year through the pandemic to ensure that the Finance Team continues to learn, discuss and grow together through workplace well-being activities to maintain and promote a healthy work environment. From events supporting Diversity & Inclusion, Mental Health, Harassment Prevention and Youth just to name a few, this team has done a stellar job! Hats off to Elizabeth Sousa, Emmanuelle Bray, Chrystal Bureau, Chikane Hawthorne, Sophie Lauzon-Larochelle, Paula Hart, and Rosita Ramos. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and loyalty to the ADM(Fin) Team!” - Danielle Lawlor

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