Veteran’s Service Cards Rolling Out

September 2, 2021 - Defence Stories


Veteran’s Service Card (VSC)

The world might feel like it’s on hold, but the Veteran’s Service Card (VSC) isn’t. Last year’s delays in the production and distribution of the cards due to COVID-19 protocols have eased up. Thanks to the hard work of the VSC team, the 90-day service standard has almost returned. If you have completed Basic Training and have been honourably released from the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF), you are eligible for one.

Why get one? The VSC is a tangible symbol of service to Canada and the CAF. It’s a sign of your ongoing connection to the CAF community, as well as to the programs and services offered by Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC), as you settle into civilian life.

But it serves a practical purpose beyond that too. While the VSC is not an official identification card, showing it can get you discounts at businesses and organizations that offer them to Veterans. The card has your name and photo and in addition to being a record of service, shows length of service and rank at release, and is useful as proof of military employment.

Please note that the VSC doesn’t replace the CFOne card which gives former members access to the programs and services delivered by Canadian Forces Morale and Welfare Services, including the CANEX Rewards Program and the official discount program offered through the CF Appreciation Program.

While the VSC is typically requested for transitioning CAF members by the release section during their first release interview, Veterans who don’t have one can apply for it themselves. Visit the secure VSC online application portal to get started, or download a hard copy of the form to complete and mail in (and learn more about the card and what you need to apply) at the Veteran’s Service Card site. The VSC team is also available to help if you have any questions about the application criteria or process.

Caring for members at every stage of their connection to the military is a priority for the CAF and VAC. The VSC is one more tool to underscore this support.

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