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December 10, 2021 - Defence Stories


CPCC leadership engaging with Defence Team members during a Defence Team Conduct and Culture Consultation town hall in CFB Kingston. Left to right: Lieutenant-General Jennie Carignan, Chef, Professional Conduct and Culture; Marie Doyle, Associate Assistant Deputy Minister; and Chief Warrant Officer Bob McCann, Group Chief Warrant Officer.

In October, the Chief, Professional Conduct and Culture (CPCC) launched the Defence Team Conduct and Culture Consultation. The Consultation will run until February 2022, and offer military and civilian members a range of opportunities to share their perspectives on the state of culture across the Defence Team and their suggestions for what the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) must do to foster a safer more welcoming workplace for all.

Here’s a rundown of the various options members have for joining the discussion:

CPCC Town halls

CPCC leadership is visiting various bases, wings and DND locations, in person or virtually, to share more about CPCC’s mandate, how it is organized and why it will make a difference to improve our workplace. These town halls offer members a unique opportunity to connect with CPCC leadership, raise concerns and ask questions about issues and initiatives of importance to them. CPCC has hosted town halls in eight locations to date and these engagements will continue throughout the consultation period. For members in locations that CPCC cannot visit, there will be virtual town hall options. The full schedule for the CPCC town halls is posted on the Defence Team Conduct and Culture Consultation web page.

Listening sessions

Listening sessions provide an opportunity for Defence Team members to engage in a conversation with CPCC leadership. These sessions are organized in small groups by rank structure, and explore cultural issues facing the Defence Team, as well as perspectives on CPCC’s mandate, priorities and initiatives. CPCC leadership is leading these one-hour sessions. They are generally scheduled in conjunction with the town halls for the various sites; however, virtual opportunities are now available for January and February. Interested members can register by filling out the Registration Form for Listening Sessions (you are now leaving the Government of Canada website). Once groups are formed, participants will receive an email invite confirming their participation.

Culture Dialogues

Culture Dialogues are designed for Defence Team members who would like to contribute to a more structured and in-depth discussions. These confidential sessions are led by non-military and non-government contracted experts in the area of diversity and inclusion. The Culture Dialogues are designed to facilitate two-way conversation in groups of six to eight people, specifically with the goal of assessing the DND/CAF culture, based on key indicators of organizational health. To facilitate an open discussion, participants will be grouped according to demographic information that will be requested during registration. Sessions will be available to interested Defence Team members virtually in January and February 2022. Members who would like to participate can fill out the Registration Form for Culture Dialogues (you are now leaving the Government of Canada website) before January 6th, and will be contacted by the contracted expert via email to confirm their registration. Please note that participation is limited.

The intent of the Conduct and Culture Consultation is to empower Defence Team members by giving them a voice on how we shape the future of the Defence Team. Throughout the consultation process, CPCC is seeking to provide safe and supported spaces for participants to share and contribute, and support resources will be present at every session. Members can also communicate with CPCC by directly sending an email at

All perspectives, suggestions and feedback will be welcomed, so don’t miss this opportunity to join the discussion and contribute to building a Defence Team that is truly diverse, inclusive, and respectful for all.

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