Chief Professional Conduct and Culture

What we do

Chief Professional Conduct and Culture (CPCC) works to unify and integrate all associated culture change activities across the Department of National Defence (DND) and the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF). It is the centre of expertise and the single functional authority for aligning Defence culture to ensure professional conduct meets the standards expected of the profession of arms and the Defence Team.

Specific tasks

We are committed to enhancing professional conduct and culture by:

  • realigning responsibilities, policies, and programs that address elements of systemic misconduct across the DND/CAF
  • simplifying and enhancing misconduct reporting mechanisms, including for those external to the chain of command
  • giving greater agency to, and strengthening support mechanisms for, those who have experienced misconduct, as well as other affected people
  • enhancing tracking mechanisms for initial reports of misconduct to case closures, and integrating additional data points such as intersectionality, reprisals, member satisfaction, and retention
  • leading institutional efforts to develop a professional conduct and culture framework that holistically tackles all types of discrimination, harmful behaviour, biases, and systemic barriers

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