DND/CAF announces new Science Integrity Lead (SIL)

April 8, 2024 – Defence Stories

Science Integrity Policy

The Science Integrity Lead is responsible for supporting the implementation, management and governance of the DND/CAF Science Integrity Policy, which applies to all Defence Team members.

DND/CAF is pleased to announce a change in leadership for scientific integrity across the Defence Team, which applies to all members and employees who are involved in designing, conducting, communicating, managing, reviewing, or using defence research, science or related activities.

This leadership role is centralized through the department’s science and technology organization, Defence Research and Development Canada (DRDC).

Effective 1 April 2024, the role of the departmental Science Integrity Lead (SIL) will officially transfer from DRDC's Chief of Staff to the DRDC Chief Scientist.

The DRDC Chief Scientist coordinates the network of Chief Scientists from each DRDC Research Centre and, together, they support the professional development of Defence Scientists, and ensure the quality of the science that DRDC produces. They provide the integrated science-policy linkage as well as strategic advice and insights to the Defence and Security Science and Technology (DSST) program strategic focus areas and DRDC capabilities.

In their capacity as SIL, the DRDC Chief Scientist will provide support to the implementation, management, and governance of the DND/CAF Science Integrity Policy (SIP) by:

We are confident that the knowledge and expertise of the DRDC Chief Scientist will help the DND/CAF honour its commitment to fostering and promoting a culture of scientific integrity and maintaining the highest ethical and quality standards for all the department’s areas of defence and security research.

Remember, the DND/CAF SIP does not apply solely to scientists and researchers. Scientific integrity is the responsibility of all Defence Team members. Find out more, including how the SIP applies to you, by visiting DND/CAF’s Scientific Integrity Policy.

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