Strengthening the Forces Health Promotion Program

The Strengthening the Forces (STF) health promotion program gives Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) members and their families information, skills and tools to promote and improve health and well-being.

STF focuses on 4 main areas:

Addictions awareness and prevention

Looks at healthy lifestyle choices to prevent the use of tobacco and other drugs. It also teaches coping skills, such as positive social interactions, spirituality, and balancing work and family to help with alcohol and gambling problems.

Injury prevention and active living

Provides guidelines to help prevent physical overuse or repetitive strain, sports or exercise-related injuries or harm. It encourages CAF members to make physical activity a part of their daily life.

Nutritional wellness

Focuses on nutrition to enhance performance, healthy diet, weight management, and risk reduction for chronic diseases.

Social wellness

Supports and encourages mental fitness including stress management, anger management, suicide awareness and healthy interpersonal communications.

The STF program is provided by the Surgeon General, through the Directorate of Force Health Protection (DFHP), and is delivered on bases and wings in Canada and abroad by the CF Morale and Welfare Services’ Personnel Support Program.

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