Contact Information for Canadian Forces Support  Group Ottawa-Gatineau (CFSG(O-G))

General inquiries

Office Contact information
National Defence Headquarters 613-992-4581
Military Personnel outside the NCR 613-992-4581

Operations and duty personnel

Office Contact information
Canadian Forces Integrated Command Center 613-998-4136
CFSG(O-G) Duty Clerk 613-222-7629
Facilities Management Service Calls 1-800-463-1850
NCR Military Police Operations 613-820-0123
Pass Control 613-992-5467

Administration and support services

Office Contact information
BMO/Desjardins Payment 613-971-6449
Acquisition CardsDTEA 613-971-6450
DTEC Travel Cards 613-971-6451
DTM Passports/Reception 613-956-8772
Hogg Robinson Group 1-866-857-3578
NCR Imaging Services – CFSG(O-G) 613-878-6711
Personnel Support Center Reception Desk 613-996-1044
Security Clearances – DPM Secur 2 613-945-3544
SISIP Reception 613-233-2177 (NDHQ Peakes)
613-901-5098 (NDHQ Carling)
Clothing Store 613-934-8677
Transport Dispatcher 613-998-3266

Relocation and housing

Office Contact information
Canadian Forces Housing Agency 613-990-2985
DLBM/TM Furniture and Effects
Domestic Moves 343-571-5295 / 343-571-3930
U.S. Moves 343-571-2813
International Moves 343-550-2462
Royal/Lepage Relocation Services – Reception desk 613-992-7361
PSP Military Housing 613-521-2696

Help desks and help lines

Office Contact information
Canadian Forces Network Operations Center 613-945-7777
CLAIMS-X Help line 613-904-3686
DRMIS Helpdesk 613-971-7941
Facilities Management Service Calls 1-800-463-1850
HRIC 613-996-3333
NCR Service Desk Technology Products & Services 613-992-4000
Option 1 for the Service Desk
Option 6 for Urgent After-Hour Support
TIME ICR Assistance 613-798-1502
TIME Voice Messaging Service  

Member support services

Office Contact information
Members Assistance Program 1-800-268-7708
Teletypewriter: 1-800-567-5803
Chaplain 613-998-3246
Military Family Resource Centre 613-998-4888
Military Family Resource Centre Career Center  
PSP Recreation 613-998-8216
PSP Fitness and Sports

Complaints and disputes

Office Contact information
Alternative Dispute Resolution Services 1-888-589-1750
Canadian Forces Ombudsman 613-992-0787
MP Complaints Commission 613-947-5625

Openness and transparency

Office Contact information
Director Access to Information and Privacy  
Kimberly Empey, DAIP  
Mission Information Line 1-800-866-4546

Health services and medical and dental information

Office Contact information
1 Dental Unit (Montfort) Reception 613-945-1777
1 Dental Unit (NDHQ) Reception 613-901-5555
Ambulances 613-739-1918
Annual check-ups 613-901-5555
CF Dental Care Plan (Great West Life) 1-800-957-9777
Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Ottawa – Main Reception 613-945-1111
CFSU(O) Health Promotion 613-996-4315
DND/VAC centre for the care and support of injured members, injured veterans and their families 1-800-883-6094
Emergency Medical/Dental Assistance Outside of Canada (Blue Cross)
From anywhere else, place a collect call to Canada:
USA 1-800-563-4444
Eye Clinic Receptionist 613-945-1550
Pharmacy 613-945-1000
Social Workers 613-945-1060
Sun Life of Canada – Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)
Ottawa Call Centre
Public Service Travel Emergency Line (Calling from Canada/US)
From other countries (collect call)

Shared Support Services

Office Contact information
Mail services 613-992-0868

Fax numbers – CFSG(O-G)

Office Contact information
Headquarters 613-992-7196
PSC – Reception desk 613-992-1169
Releases 613-996-8084
Claims 996-8084 / 992-1169
FSS 613-995-1273

Fax numbers – Relocation services

Office Contact information
Brookfield Global Relocation Services 613-996-3008
DLBM/TM Movements of furniture and effects 613-992-8768

Clothing stores

Office Contact information
Appointments / inquiries 819-939-9566
Duty Supply Tech 343-549-0562
(emergencies only)
Medals 819-939-9554
Release section 819-939-9557
Tailor Shop 819-997-3844


Office Contact information
Army Officers’ Mess 613-236-0186 ext. 227
HMCS Bytown Wardroom (Royal Canadian Navy Officers’ Mess) 613-235-7496 ext. 1
CFS Leitrim Mess 613-945-5444
Connaught Range and Primary Training Centre Mess 613-998-2058
NDHQ Warrant Officers’ Mess 613-995-1287
Rideau Canal Junior Ranks’ Mess 613-992-4346
Royal Canadian Air Force Officers’ Mess 613-233-4610

Helping Professionals Contact List

CAF - TG HOPE Program

About the program

The mission of the HOPE program (Helping Our Peers by Providing Empathy) is to provide confidential peer support to bereaved military families coping with the loss of a Canadian Armed Forces member (Regular or Reserve Force) or a veteran.

The loss does not have to be attributed to military service.


HOPE is a program available to adult family members in the military and veteran community, at any point in time.

Service provider details

The program matches trained volunteers who offer confidential peer support to bereaved families.

Specifics and/or limitations: No cost

Our services are offered in both official languages:

  • One-on-one confidential peer support
  • Coaching and education
  • National Grief educational workshops
  • Peer support groups

For More information please contact us by phone or email. You can also visit our website

Phone number: 1-800-883-6094

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