How to book an appointment or medical screening

Medical screenings for short notice taskings

Any CAF member who requires medical screening for an operational tasking as part of a Departure Assistance Group (DAG) and is scheduled to deploy on short notice is to report to their respective Care Delivery Unit (CDU) during normal clinic hours. If the member is given such short notice (e.g. a DART deployment) that he or she needs to be screened during silent hours, please contact the Canadian Forces Health Services Centre Ottawa Duty Officer at (613) 355-3498 or the Clinic’s Duty Commissionaires at (613) 945-2620 or 2621 who will call in the appropriate medical and dental resources.

Dress code

Please note that military personnel dress code applies at all times within the clinic, and that your military ID badge is to be worn at all times. For further information, please see the Canadian Forces Health Services Dress Policy.

Care Delivery Units (CDU)

To book an appointment, patients are advised to email their respective CDU or department. Below are links to each CDU Receptionist mailbox:

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA)

To book an appointment for a periodic health assessment:

Please include the following information in your email:


Once you receive a screening message, e-mail the Patient Administration Centre (PAC) (

Visit the OUTCAN web page for more information.

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Mental health

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