Outside Canada (OUTCAN) medical screening

Need to book an OUTCAN screening?

To book an OUTCAN screening, send an email to NCR OUTCAN with the following information:

(Copy and paste this table into your email for easy use)

Service Number  
RegF or ResF  
Telephone number  
Civilian email (optional, but recommended)  
* Copy of your screening messsage  
# of dependants listed on your MPRR  
# of dependants accompanying you on your posting  
Location of your posting  
Duration of your posting  
Dates you are unavailable for an in person appt  
Dates you are unavailable for a telehealth appt  
Social Worker Screening Appt:

Delivered Virtually via video (Teams). Please provide an email address for invite to be sent too.

Note: If video is not preferred, an in person appt can be requested. Phone is used for OUTCAN screenings only when exceptional reasons are present

* Screenings will not be booked unless you have a valid screening msg/nomination msg.


NCR OUTCAN is the only department authorized to book OUTCAN screenings.

Refrain from sending requests to multiple departments (e.g. CDUs) as this causes confusion, and slows down response times.

Requests must be made via email to NCR OUTCAN. A dedicated telephone line is not currently available.

Next steps

Following receipt of your request for appointment, NCR OUTCAN will provide you with instruction on how to proceed with the screening process.

All OUTCAN screening assessments (Immunization, Social Work, and Primary Care/CDU) will be arranged by NCR OUTCAN. Do not reach out to individual departments.

Screening deadlines

Unfortunately, Health Services is currently unable to meet all screening deadlines. OUTCAN chain of command are aware of this issue and there should be no repercussions for members related to Health Services’ screening delays.

Response times

Due to ongoing service disruptions, please expect significant wait times and delayed responses to all correspondence. We ask for your continued patience and understanding as we continue to adjust our services.

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