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The School motto "PER LINGUAS COMMUNITAS" translates literally as "SOCIETY THROUGH LANGUAGE" and can be interpreted as the goal to promote universal understanding and co-operation through language.

About us

In addition to its headquarters located in Gatineau, Québec, the Canadian Forces Language School (CFLS) consists of the following units, each offering different types of training:

  1. the Detachment Saint-Jean; and
  2. the National Capital Region Training Company.

The CFLS reports to the Military Personnel Generation Training Group in Borden, Ontario.

Mission and Vision

Vision: To be recognized as a world class language training institution that is responsive to the operational needs of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF).

The mission of the CFLS is to:

  1. Provide second language training to members of the CAF at the right time in their careers, in conjunction with CAF’s operational needs;
  2. Provide foreign language training to CAF members who will fill Military Attaché's positions or other staff-related functions abroad, in conjunction with CAF’s operational needs;
  3. Provide language training in English and French as a Foreign Language and English language teacher training to countries participating in the Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP);
  4. Represent the CAF at national and international conferences (e.g. Bureau of International Coordination (BILC)), held in the field of teaching English, French and foreign language.

Language Training Programs and Services

Military Second Language Training Programme (MSLTP) for Canadian Armed Forces members

The aim of the Military Second Language Training Program is to support the Department of National Defence (DND)/Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) objectives with regard to Official Languages, by providing the language training required as a function of the bilingualism requirements of positions occupied by members of the Regular Force and the Primary Reserve.

Foreign Language (FL) Training Programme for CAF members

Candidates undergoing FL training acquire the required proficiency to perform their duties in the selected language. Graduates then proceed to their Military Attaché assignments or on exchange postings around the world and in operational commands in Canada.

Foreign Language Training Programme (French and English) for foreign personnel who participate in the Military Training and Cooperation Program (MTCP)

This is another very important programme which is almost exclusively managed by CFLS on behalf of and subsidized by Director Military Training and Cooperation (DMTC).

Please consult the MTCP Joining Instructions if you are taking this course.

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