Military funeral, burial and ceremonial events

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Various funeral and burial honours are available depending on the status and wishes of a Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) member or their family. The 2 main types of funerals and burials at the National Military Cemetery of the CAF are military funerals with honours and military presence burials.

Military funerals with honours

All serving CAF members are eligible for a military funeral and/or burial according to existing regulations.

You are not eligible for a military funeral with honours if you are:

Military presence burials

Military presence burials are a unique honour provided only at the National Military Cemetery for serving members and former serving members.

Eligible members or families may choose to have all or any of:

A military presence burial is also offered as an alternative to a military funeral if the family wishes to have a more private ceremony. Eligible family members with former service will not receive a military presence burial if they’re not represented as a military member on their headstone.

For more information on military funerals and burials, see eligibility and application for burial at the National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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