Cadet Program Re-Scope: a modern approach for today's generation.

Cadet Program Re-scope - Activity 1

Planning and coordination for Cadet Program Re-scope has been ongoing to meet the Commander's Intent, outlined in the initiating directive.


Activity 1:

Deliver Locally Directed Activities (LDA)

Equitable and consistent CAF stakeholder support to Cadet Corps and Squadrons that will provide fundamental experiences to Canadian youth, emphasizing program aims, supplemented with discretionary experiences aligned with youth interest and local capabilities.

Deliver Locally Directed Activities (LDA)

Brigadier-General Speiser-Blanchet stood up the National Planning Group (NPG) to complete the Re-scope of cadet activities. The NPG is tasked to produce a feasible plan for LDA that can be delivered as equitably as possible across the country, and to produce an executable Operation Plan that will be used to deliver re-scoped corps/sqn programs by Fall 2023.

The NPG is finding ways to increase flexibility, and modernize the approach to local training delivery, all while focusing on the Cadet Experience.

Areas of Focus

Prioritizing funding for the Locally Directed Activities (LDA)

By conducting a thorough evaluation of the current allocation of funding, the team has been able to identify ways to streamline resources based on the needs of the local program in a more equitable fashion to deliver the best local program possible.

Maximizing participation, while minimizing time commitment

The updated delivery model will provide more options for how the training is completed, whether at the corps/sqn level, virtually, or at the Zone and Area level, allowing for more flexibility in personal schedules.

Flexible delivery options using existing training

The existing training program will be used and leveraged in a flexible delivery model, that meets the needs of today's generation.

Reducing classroom time

A reduced the number of periods of instruction which must be delivered, will allow for flexibility and the incorporation of training that suits the interests of the cadets and is based on availability of local resources.

Identifying training that can delivered at the zone and area level

Conducting multi-unit training at the zone or area level will provide more opportunities to engage with other cadets in the area and leverage the use of Subject Matter Experts to provide the best training possible.


Summer 2022 Fall 2022 Spring 2023 Summer 2023 Fall 2023
  • Mass Communications
  • Meeting with the National Cadet Advisory Council
  • Consultation with Cadet Leagues
  • Focus Groups
  • CTC Info Briefs
  • CJCR HQ and RCSU Townhalls
  • Virtual Sessions for Corps/Sqn COs
  • Release of the Op Plan and Training Directive for 2023/2024
  • Release of Regional Training Directives
  • Virtual sessions for Corps/Sqn Training Officers
  • Training Officer Planning Sessions
  • Summer Training
  • Launch of Rescoped local training, and 3 Regionally Directed Activities

What's next?

We have consulted with the National Cadet Advisory Council, Cadet Training Centres, and are currently conducting focus groups with staff from all levels of the organization and our League partners to gather feedback prior to any decisions being made. We are committed to timely communications of updates and will share information as it becomes available right here on

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