Army Cadets

The Army Cadet Program focuses on physical activity and the outdoors.


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The Army Cadet Experience


This video highlights the Army Cadet program, including expeditions, fitness, parades, and outdoor survival.

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Expeditions develop knowledge on how to travel long distances in various environments. Army cadets also learn how to take care of their field equipment.

At a higher level, they can participate in longer and more difficult expeditions. These expeditions may include mountaineering, caving (exploring caves) and white water rafting.

Two cadets sit in a canoe on a lake surrounded by trees.

Physical Fitness

The army cadet program offers many sports activities that are not available to other elements such as climbing, mountain biking and rafting. In addition to practicing these activities at the unit, several summer camps are offered to improve your skills in these disciplines. Each year, a few experienced cadets can participate in a parachuting course.

Two cadets are on a rope course wearing gloves and helmets.


Army cadets participate in training in the bush in summer and winter. They learn how to build makeshift shelters and how to survive using what nature has to offer. This includes learning how to make a fire, find water, make themselves visible to rescue workers and many other useful skills.

Two cadets wearing field training uniforms are making the structure to light a fire in the woods.

Map and Compass

Army cadets learn to use various means to find their way in the wilderness. Whether it is with maps and compasses, GPS technology or stars, cadets will always find their way.

Two cadets wearing backpacks and red shirts are looking at a map together in the outdoors.

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