Online Registration Tool Frequently asked questions

Parents, Guardians, and Cadets

What is the difference between a wet and electronic signature?

Wet Signature = physical signature on a form.
Digital = digital tracking of registration serves in lieu of a wet signature.

Can I restart a session once it begins?

Once the registration session starts, it cannot be interrupted (it is not possible to save to continue later).
If your token is expired, a new token will be required following the same process as before.

Am I able to pre-register my son or daughter prior to their 12th birthday?

The ORT will not allow registrations before the applicant has reached 12 years of age.

Am I able to register more than one cadet during a token session?

You will need to request a second token in order to complete the registration form for additional cadets.

Are you able to edit the online form prior to submission?

Yes, you can return to any of the five pages using the menu at the top of the application up to when you hit Submit.

What is the most efficient way to search for a unit?

If you don’t know the unit number or name, the best is to search using the Postal code or City name in the Location field. If you know the Unit number or Name, they can be entered in the Search by unit field to find a specific Cadet Corps or Squadron

What is the best browser to use for the Online Registration Tool?

The tool is optimized for use on Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Safari. 

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