Sea Cadets

The Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Program teaches knowledge and skills about seamanship, sailing, and traditions of the Royal Canadian Navy.


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Royal Canadian Sea Cadets Experience


This video highlights Sea Cadets participating a variety of activities including, parades, seamanship skills, music, and sailing.

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Every cadet corps include sailing in their training at least once a year. Sailing is a fun activity whether you are in smaller two-person boats or larger twelve-person whalers that we see in the summer at Cadet Training Centres.

Two cadets on a sailboat wearing helmets and smiling.

Pleasure Craft Operator

Depending on the summer courses taken, Sea Cadets have an opportunity to receive a Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate, as well as a Radio License. The process of doing so is over a six-week course of fun on the water training. This certificate and license are permanent qualifications that can be used when you eventually get your own boat. 

4 zodiac boats being driven by sea cadets.


In most naval jobs, a knowledge of knots and hitches are a requirement. From setting sails to tying a huge ship to a dock, knots are a useful skill throughout life as well as in our yearly Seamanship inter-divisional competitions. One of the needed skills for being on the water anywhere in the ocean would be an ability to tell where you are. Seamanship also covers cartography and compass skills.

A group of Sea Cadets holding a rope above their heads in their gun shirts and white tops.

Experiences with the Royal Canadian Navy and beyond

Sea Cadets have opportunities to be deployed for advanced training on Canadian naval vessels and learn about many of the duties on board. From tall ship sailing vessels to coast guard ships or Canadian navy ships, many Sea Cadets have been sent for training on vessels and came back with many stories to tell and experiences to share. 

A cadet smiling, wearing a ball cap with his sea training uniform.

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