Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions – Interim Update


  1. CANFORGEN 106/22, Modernization of CAF Dress Instructions (link accessible only on the DWAN)
  2. Cadet and Junior Canadian Ranger Dress Instructions (link accessible only on the Cadet365 Sharepoint)
  3. CANCDTGEN 003/20, Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions - Update
  4. Dress Instructions for the Canadian Forces -
  1. This CANCDTGEN provides additional direction for Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS) members and cadets with regards to the release of the amended Canadian Armed Forces Dress Instructions (CAF DI) as per reference A.
  2. With respect to cadets, the Cadet and Junior Canadian Rangers Dress Instructions (CJCR DI) are undergoing final amendments in order to align with the newly revised CAF DI’s, and will be released shortly. In the interim, effective 06 September 2022 all gender references currently found in reference B are no longer in effect. This includes, but is not limited to, all gender references found within the descriptions of appropriate hair, jewellery, and body adornment standards. All gender specific personal appearance reference images found in Chapter 2 of reference B, will remove all gender reference and may apply to any cadet.
  3. Through review and consultation with Regional Chief Warrant Officers (RCWO) the following direction is provided regarding cadet dress:
    1. Ascots: As there are currently no affiliated units that wear the ascot, this accoutrement is no longer approved to wear in a cadet uniform; and
    2. Royal Canadian Sea Cadets (RCSC) short sleeve shirt: Due to production issues, the Sea Cadet male pattern short sleeved shirt will not be available for some time. In the interim, an alternate pattern that is available has no top button. Therefore, until further notice, the neck tie will not be authorized for wear by Sea Cadets until the male pattern short sleeved shirt is issued. Sea Cadets will wear the short sleeved shirt with open neck with jacket, or open neck without jacket and rank slip-ons shall be worn with the shirt.
  1. With respect to COATS members, as part of a review of the COATS identity, and in consultation with the Canadian Army and the National Advisory Council COATS (NACC), it was reaffirmed that the CIC are a branch unto themselves and hold no unit or regimental affiliation unlike that afforded to cadets. With this in mind, the authorization granted in CAF DI’s for CIC Officers to wear Highland Regimental Dress has been rescinded with the exception of those actively participating in a Pipe Band.
  2. Queries or recommendations for change to CJCR DI or CAF DI will be staffed through the member’s respective RCWO for review by the CJCR Clothing and Dress committee. The CJCR Clothing and Dress committee meets twice per year.

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