Canadian Cadet General Order (CANCDTGEN)

Updates to the Cadet Program Interim Activity Safety Direction


  1. CANCDTGEN 005/19, Cadet Program Interim Activity Safety Direction
  2. A-CR-CCP-930/AG-001, Cadet Program Interim Activity Safety Direction, 25 March 2019 (link accessible only on the Cadet365 Sharepoint)
  1. Safety remains a critical requirement to the Cadets and Junior Canadian rangers (CJCR) core mandate. As the CJCR evolves, risks need to be reviewed, and policy and guidance updated to effectively deliver a fun, challenging and safe program for today’s youth.
  2. Based on the current review, the following updates to the Interim Activity Safety Direction (IASD) are effective immediately:
    1. Horseplay. Horseplay in powerboats is forbidden under any circumstances, this includes but is not limited to racing, jumping waves and driving erratically. Any incident of horseplay by a powerboat operator will be occasion for disciplinary action and could result in the suspension of Operator qualifications;
    2. Water Safety Officers (WSO). Training Centres (Cadet Training Centres, Regional Training Sites, Local Training Sites) with a large component of on-water activities will appoint an officer, whose primary duty will be to serve as the WSO. Training Centres with minimal on-water activities will include the position as a secondary duty. The WSO will be responsible for all on-water activities, and will provide Standing Orders and Standard Operating Procedures outlining, in detail, the duties and responsibilities of this officer;
    3. On Water Supervision:
      1. a Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service (COATS) member or Civilian Instructor (CI) will be the first and last person on and off the water for all on-water activities and training that is to be conducted; and
      2. staff/support cadets will be permitted to conduct some focused on-water activities in support of their routine duties without the direct supervision of an adult supervisor. Such duties are performed by members that are not under training and without the presence of cadets. Staff/support cadets will be required to complete nautical refresher training prior to operating a powerboat. This training will be completed at the Training Centre annually;
    4. Hand Held Radio. Hand held radios will be held by the boat operator at all times. It is recommended that the boat operator be provided with a chest harness in order to facilitate quick access to the radio in the event of an emergency, as well as reduce the likelihood of the radio going overboard;
    5. Radio Procedures. When conducting on-water activities or training the COATS member or CI supervising the activity will be the first person on and last person off the radio net. This staff member will have their own hand held radio above and beyond the requirement for one per powerboat. The supervising COATS member or CI will be required to report to an operations center or boatshed prior to and upon the completion of any on-water activities; and
    6. Nautical Refresher Training. Nautical refresher training will occur annually at a Training Centre. Adults and staff/support cadets will be required to complete the training and briefings for each site where they participate in on-water training. If an adult member or staff/support cadet has completed Small Craft Operators Program (SCOP) Module 4 or a refresher of SCOP Module 4 in the previous 4 months, they are not required to complete the SCOP Module 3 refresher. Required training and briefings are as follows:
      1. briefing from the WSO;
      2. briefing from the Boats Officer;
      3. review of site specific Emergency Response Plan;
      4. boat maintenance briefing;
      5. review of radio procedures;
      6. on-water refresher of SCOP Module 3; and
      7. on-water refresher of SCOP Module 5 when whalers are used at the site.
  1. Changes indicated above will be reflected in the new Activity Safety Direction upon release. The current document can be found on the Cadet365 SharePoint at CJCR Adult Staff Resources / CRJC Ressources du Personnel Adulte > Common Training-Activités communes > Safety - Sécurité (link accessible only on the Cadet365 Sharepoint).
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