11-33 – Affiliated Unit Support and Canadian Forces Training

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

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1. This order clarifies the policy concerning affiliated unit support for cadet corps/squadrons. It supersedes Canadian Forces Cadet Policies and Procedures, Article 406, dated 01 August 1988.


2. One of the three aims of the Cadet Movement is to stimulate the interest of cadets in sea, land, and air activities of the CF. This is the intention of cadet participation in CF unit activities, including the participation in exercises and the firing of weapons.

3. The goal of participation in such activities is not and shall not be to train cadets to any pre-determined standard.


4. Affiliated units are expected to support their cadet corps/squadrons. They are encouraged to provide any assistance possible in helping in the training and general performance of the cadet corps/squadron.

5. The affiliated unit does not assume any financial responsibility for the cadet corps/squadron unless the affiliated unit is also the corps/squadron’s local sponsor.


6. Cadets may participate in training or activities of the affiliated unit as deemed appropriate by the cadet unit CO and the affiliated unit commander once approved by the Region Cadet Officer (RCO).

7. The RCO will not authorize training which poses a risk of injury to cadets. Where possible, the RCO shall use his authority to ensure that minimum safety standards are established instead of withholding permission to participate in affiliated unit training, as it is an important means of stimulating interest in the CF.

8. Under the current federal gun legislation, cadets, not being members of the Canadian Forces, are prohibited the use of restricted weapons even when supervised by members of the CF.

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