12-19 – Retention of Cadet Medical Records

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

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1. This order describes the policy with respect to the retention of cadet medical records whether they are from Cadet Summer Training Centres (CSTC), exchanges, or at the cadet corps/squadron.


2. Cadet medical records shall be held at the Regional Cadet Support Unit (RCSU) that the cadet belongs.  No cadet medical records shall be held at the cadet's corps/squadron.

3. All medical records signed by a medical authority are to be considered Protected B when the patient is identified by name, by Social Insurance Number or by both. They shall be handled as such.


4. In accordance with the Canadian Forces Health Services Group Instruction 7000-73 on retention and Disposal of Personal Health Information, all cadet medical records will be sent after completion to the appropriate Regional Headquarters, Attention: Regional Cadet Medical Liaison Officer.  The RCSU will retain the Cadets Health Records for three years (or until cadets have reached the age of eighteen years) and then will forward the medical documentation to the National Archives.  National Archives will retain the health records according to the relevant provincial legislation after which the documents will be destroyed.

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OPI: D Cdts 2
Date: Feb 10
Amendment: Ch 3/10​

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