12-50 Annex B - ​Prohibited, Restricted and Unauthorized Items

Ordonnances sur l'Administration et l'Instruction des Cadets (OAIC)


1. The list of items shown below must be included in all joining instructions or other information documents distributed to cadets and their parents. This list can be augmented as necessary to meet the uniqueness of an activity, however the items on it cannot be removed unless permitted by this order.

Prohibited and Restricted Items

2. Since the following items are prohibited or restricted by law, a cadet may not have them in his / her possession during an approved activity:

  1. alcoholic beverage;
  2. controlled substance including, but not limited to: 
    (1) an illicit drug, and
    (2) prescription medication not in the cadet’s name;
    A cadet may be tasked to carry prescription medication for other members of the division, platoon or flight.
  3. explosive substance and ammunition;
    A cadet may be required, for training purposes or in an emergency situation, to handle an explosive substance or ammunition.  If so, this shall be done in accordance with CATO 14-48 Use of Pyrotechnics and Blank Ammunition, or the applicable training control document.
  4. pornographic material;
  5. tobacco product (for electronic cigarettes, refer to UNAUTHORIZED ITEMS below); and
  6. weapon, including but not limited to:
    (1) firearm (any type),
    (2) knife that opens automatically by gravity or centrifugal force or by hand pressure applied to a button (also called a switch blade), spring or other device in or attached to the handle of the knife,
    (3) brass knuckles, ninja stars, nunchucks, etc., and
    (4) handcuffs.

3. Prohibited and restricted items shall be handed to the applicable police agency (military or civilian) except for the following which shall be discarded:

  1. tobacco products;
  2. alcoholic beverages; and
  3. pornographic material showing adults only.

Unauthorized Items

4. A cadet may not have the following unauthorized items in his / her possession during an approved activity, unless otherwise authorized or issued by the training or activity OIC:

  1. altered ankle / parade boots;
  2. cutlass or sword;
  3. knife or dagger;
    A cadet may carry a kirpan or Sgian Dubh in accordance with elemental dress instructions.
  4. laser pointer;
  5. lighter, combustible product and fire starting product or equipment;
  6. machete, axe or saw;
  7. motor vehicle (any type), unless otherwise authorized by the training or activity OIC;
  8. companion animal;
  9. an electronic cigarette, including a cartridge containing nicotine solution; and
  10. reusable razor blades normally used in safety or straight blade razors.
    Disposable and cartridge replacement razors are acceptable.

5. Unauthorized items shall either be confiscated for the duration of the training or activity or sent back to the cadet’s home at the parents’ expense, whichever is more practical and economical, except for companion animals which shall be sent back.

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