13-02 Annex A – Cadet Rank Progression and the Leadership Team Model

Cadet Administrative and Training Orders (CATOs)

Period (DP)

Age-Appropriate Learning

Developmental Period 1 (DP1)


Ages (12 - 14)

Developmental Period 2 (DP2)


Ages (15 - 16)

Developmental Period 3 (DP3)


Ages (17 – 18)

Cadet Program Adult Staff

Years (Y1)

Years (Y2)

Years (Y3)

Years (Y4)

Years (Y5+)


Peer Leaders are cadets that naturally emerge amongst their peer group as leaders. This is not a formal role within the leadership model, but an opportunity for cadets with significant leadership potential to be identified and nurtured.

Team Members are cadets who have come together to achieve a common goal under the direction of a leader.

Followers are individual cadets within a team that respond to the leadership direction of others.

Team Leaders apply their leadership knowledge and display the core leadership qualities by being responsible for a team of cadets and / or the accomplishment of a singular major or minor duty / task as part of an overall activity or function within the corps / squadron.

Activity Leaders are responsible for the overall organization of a singular cadet activity. This includes the necessary planning, coordinating, conduct and close-out activities related to the activity. They are also responsible for the effective and efficient use of assigned material and human resources.

Activity Managers are adult staff members working in support of the Cadet Program and responsible for the overall supervision, administration, and training of cadets during all activities. These responsibilities extend to providing guidance, support and managerial oversight to cadets performing leadership roles.

Typical Rank Progression

AB / LCpl / LAC LS / Cpl / Cpl MS / MCpl / FCpl PO2 / Sgt / Sgt PO1 / WO / FSgt CPO2 / MWO / WO2 CPO1 / CWO / WO1

Leadership Training Objectives
Expected Competencies

Note: Competencies are accumulative as cadets progress through the ranks.

To prepare cadets to participate effectively in all cadet activities, respond positively to the leadership direction of others, begin to interact comfortably within the cadet community, interact positively with others, exercise sound judgment, and accept personal responsibility for actions and choices.

AB / LCpl / LAC are expected to interact positively with others and have good conduct.

To reinforce the aspects of effective teamwork and to introduce leadership concepts that will assist and encourage cadets to emerge as leaders amongst their peer group.

LS / Cpl / Cpl are expected to set a positive example for subordinates by displaying good dress, deportment, and conduct.

To introduce cadets to the leadership concepts that will prepare them to effectively carry out Leadership Assignments. Training includes emphasis on effective communication, problem solving and supervision as well as reinforcing the practice of reflection and self-assessment. The focus is on Transactional Leadership.

MS / MCpl / FCpl are expected to take initiative to make decisions and solve problems, and to communicate effectively with subordinates, peers, and supervisors.

To introduce cadets to the leadership concepts that will prepare them to effectively carry out Leadership Appointments and mentor individual cadets. Training includes motivating, recognizing and rewarding, disciplining, and providing performance feedback to cadets as well as reinforcing the practice of reflection and self-assessment. The focus is on Transformational Leadership.

PO2 / Sgt / Sgt are expected to be able to lead small teams in the execution of leadership assignments and supervise cadets effectively.

To prepare cadets to effectively organize cadet activities including assigning specific responsibilities to and supervising the Team Leaders assigned to the activity as well as reinforcing the practice of reflection and self-assessment, leading groups of cadets and mentoring individual cadets. Leadership training at this level focuses on both transactional and transformational leadership.

PO1 / WO / FSgt are expected to be able to carry out leadership appointments effectively by leading and developing a team of cadets over a period of time, to include motivating them and providing feedback.

CPO2 / MWO / WO2 are expected to be able to work effectively with a team to organize and lead larger cadet activities / exercises (leadership projects), and to effectively mentor subordinates.

CPO1 / CWO / WO1 are expected to be ready to transition to the role of Activity Manager.

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